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its all about me

Spades - Labor; Wisdom
3 of Spades - Difficulty in Finding Solutions
Challenge for the 3 of Spades - Fear of the Higher Law.

Three of Spades have come to labor for whatever achievement is theirs and unless they are willing to struggle for the enlightenment of their load, they will stay in a rut and resign themselves to drudgery.

Spades belong to the earth; they are close to the heart of Mother Nature herself.

The main thing to overcome is doubt, as defense mechanism against disappointment. Once they have made up their minds they do have the inherent tenacity to abide by their decision. The trouble lies in an unwillingness to stop, analyze and then choose.

All 3 of Spades need to learn to "Look Before They leap"

Destiny number: 65 / 11
Life Path number: 31 / 4
Physical Plane: 6
Mental Plane: 5
Emotional Plane: 2
Intuitive Plane: 3
Personality number: 47 / 11
Soul Urge number: 18 / 9

The influence of your Day of Birth;

you're under the influence of a "Master

Number." In numerological terms, this

means characteristics that others

experience as a result of their birth

numbers are twice as strong in you.

Lucky you! You're blessed with an

electrifying personality that others

find very VERY attractive! You're

likely to find happiness and success in

the performing, visual and spiritual

arts, and in teaching. Unlike twos who

were born on the 2nd, 20th and 29th of

the month, you'll enjoy the limelight

and not be content to follow in the

footsteps of someone else's success.

Your Destiny number;
You're quite an influence!

You have a unique ability to impress

and influence others, to fire their

imaginations and to accomplish many

great things!

The reason you have this unique and

inspirational energy is that you're

under the influence of an 11 Destiny.

Most folks who have this Destiny are

driven and imaginative people.

Their blend of idealism and

imagination, combined with a desire to

achieve makes them people who aren't

forgotten very quickly by our society.

And YOU are a member of this special


In order to fulfill your own personal

destiny, it's important to accept that

there are certain things you must be,

do, and accomplish in your life.

Your Life Path's influence;
Practical, hardworking, serious,

capable . . .does this sound like

someone you know-namely YOU?Your

responsible and productive nature is a

result of the fact that you travel

along the 4 Lifepath. Guys who are on

this dedicated Lifepath tend to be

EXTREMELY reliable, routine-oriented,

loyal and orderly.

Even though you're respected, liked and

admired by many, your work could take

precedent over human contact.

Your Intuitive Plane;
You are very attuned to supernatural

phenomena, and have keen insight into

forces which others are not even aware


You should learn how to tap into your

excellent PSYCHIC abilities and find

answers to life's mysteries.

Some people could talk until they're

blue in the face and not be able to

convince anyone of anything. You, on

the other hand, have but to lift an

eyebrow or smile ever so slightly to

WIN people over. And when you actually

make a formal argument for or against

something, your persuasive powers are

at their peak.

"Well, things could always be worse."

That's a typical reaction for you to a

predicament that might leave someone

else in a funk for days. Being

OPTIMISTIC just comes naturally to you,

and you have a knack for finding the

humor in almost every situation. The

only thing that brings you "down" is

being considered superficial or fake.

Your Personality number - how others

see you;
What a special and unique aura you

radiate! You're the quintessential

"poetic type"-wise, receptive and

intense. You don't make waves by being

flashy or flamboyant, but by being

inspirational and concerned!

You've got these very special

characteristics owing to the influence

of an 11 Outer Personality. Guys with

this Personality give the impression of

being extraordinarily wise and

idealistic. Some might consider you

driven by divine thoughts, while others

see you as a leader of very important


The 11 is a Master Number, meaning that

you have an extra strong aura and

people aren't likely to forget you

quickly. This Master Number takes on

the characteristic of the number that

it adds up to (which, in this case, is

the number 2).

Your Soul Urge influence - what truly

makes you happy;
Spiritual, generous warm . . . someone

who is giving to others and beloved of

all. . .

If this sounds like someone you know -

namely YOU - there's a good reason:

you're under the influence of a 9 Soul


The driving forces within you are

compassion and a love of harmony and

beauty in the world. Your whole makeup

is oriented toward helping others in

need, and on a very large scale.

You're the eternal optimist, a man who

regards the glass as half-full rather

than half-empty, and who always looks

for the good in other people. You

possess that enviable ability to

forgive and forget.

Along with the capacity to perceive

beauty amidst ugliness, you're

extremely intuitive. You ALWAYS know

what to say to whom...and when to say it

the card is a little scary but i like my numbers
as a goat of the earth
my love of the ocean puzzles me

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