We Were Gagging For It....  

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7/8/2005 4:52 pm

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We Were Gagging For It....

Well I thought I'd give an update since I haven't done one for a while, not sure if anyone's actually reading this but what the hey!

Going back to something that happened a few months ago, I was out in a club with a few friends, the night was going okay, had a fair few drinks and a laugh with my mates, but it wasn't exactly night of the century. It needed livening up I thought.

To my pleasant surprise, it soon did liven up. Someone I knew very little of but had just said hello to a few times when I had saw her before approached me and said hi. We made small talk for a while and had a few drinks, soon afterwards we were on the dance floor kissing constantly and girating our bodies against each other. The night wore on and more of this continued until the bouncers began to ask people to leave as the club was closing.

I had no idea where my friends were by now but to my delight she asked me if I wanted to come back to her place.

I was hardly going to say no! We jumped in a taxi and told the driver to take us to her place. We were all over each other in the back of the taxi. The kissing never stopped and one of my hands went up her top and began caressing her braless tits as the other slipped between her legs and up her skirt. I then began to finger her pussy through her panties.

I don't know how long the taxi driver had been shouting at us for money as I was so involved in what I was doing, but we soon realised we were at our destination and paid the driver.

We got out and stumbled to her front door, she managed to find her keys and let us both in, we were gagging for it by now and couldn't wait any longer.

We managed to get into the living room and fell on to the sofa, my hands went everywhere and hers followed, unbuttoning my jeans and then reaching inside to grab my cock. She lowered her head and took my cock in her mouth. She began to suck my cock up and down while she stroked my balls, I put my hands down and grabbed her tits as she sucked it and I gently pinched her nipples, this must of done the trick because she started moaning and then pushed me flat on my back onto the sofa.

She slipped her panties down seductively over her thighs and then climbed on top of me. My cock slipped straight in her soaking wet pussy. I couldn't believe how wet and horny she was, I had hardly touched her since we got out of the taxi. She rode me hard and fast, bucking her hips and moaning at the top of her voice.

She then got up and told me to fuck her hard, I got up and bent her over the sofa and took her doggy style. I began fucking her as hard as I could, my balls were slapping against her ass as he moans became even louder. I thought she was going to wake the whole neighbourhood up.

To our surprise she kind of did, well at least her two flat mates upstairs who were news to me!! They were both stood in the doorway and started shouting what the hell do you think your doing. I didn't know what to say, we felt like a couple of naughty school kids and just burst into fits of laughter.

We hung our heads in shame and went upstairs where she told me she had 'apparantley' forgotten they were in tonight. I didn't care I got to have sex! So the night continued in the privacy of her room.

Slightly embarrasing the next morning though when they were both there sitting in the living room on the chairs and looking in disgust at the sofa, apparantly the girl had to clean it but I made an excuse and left sharpish.

It's a fond memory for me anyway!

Anyways any comments would be appreciated just to let me know what you think of my blog so far, anybody reading it? Like it? Dislike it? Let me know

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