oh well  

rm_donnie697 44M
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3/24/2006 9:51 pm
oh well

During the first part of your life, you only become aware of happiness once you have lost it. Then an age comes, a second one, in which you already know, at the moment you begin to experience true happiness, that you are, at the end of the day, going to lose it. The third and final age is when the anticipation of the loss of happiness prevents you from living! Sieze the moment. Live life to the fullest and love with all you have.

If Stendahl's famous saying (which is also appreciated by Nietzsche) is true, that "beauty is the promise of happiness." It is no wonder that my chosen profession is Beauty! My religion is happiness. My heart is constantly in the pursuit of creating happiness, within myself and in those that I encounter. Like all things, I sometimes fail. All I can do is try harder next time and be happy with now. Carpe Diem! LIVE, LOVE, BE HAPPY!!!

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