Ode to The Lady in the Park  

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5/29/2005 7:27 pm

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Ode to The Lady in the Park

Why start a blog? Lot's of free time (my first vacation in forever), need to organize my thoughts. Hope I can get some feedback, maybe catch someone's eye this way.

Memorial day festivities today. Thousands crowding the streets. Nameless faces passing by, a sea of humanity. I float above it, a somewhat ungainly six foot six; a thousand women catch my eye, but almost none (Six people in the whole day; one, a gay man, curious about me and my friend perhaps? One, an obviously psychotic dude who looked like that was enough to want to punch my lights out, four women of different backgrounds, Asian, Italian, Caucasian, Russian?) return my glance, perhaps they don't like to crane their neck up to someone, perhaps it's just the way that New Yorkers have of tuning things out so they won't be hurt or taken. And then a cloud passed over the sun and I walked beneath a bridge in central park. There you were, walking and looking right at me. A tall blond, blue eyed Venus. A quick smile, a long step, a sideways glance and then a turned head. A connection; however brief. Small but important. A reminder that I am still really here. Thank you for seeing me.

I saw beautiful women of every race today, (and I truly do appreciate all races, and every hue) as I seem to, every walk that I take in NYC. But how can you approach someone when they don't even acknowledge the fact that ANYONE around them exists? Open your EYES, New York.

I need to go back {home} one last time to see my old chums and get my last tripload of stuff. To completely sever ties. I {live in the city} now. But I don't want to learn to look away. I will still search for that connection.

Good hunting, everyone.
PS. This post was DENIED, originally? It has NO bad language, no personal info that cannot be gleaned from my profile, and nothing that is incendiary or otherwise volatile in any way shape or form. Who is the person who determines what can and cannot be seen here? I THOUGHT that this was a place that respected our FREE SPEECH rights, especially that to not be CENSORED.

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