Thoughts on snow...  

rm_dong4un42141 37M
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12/6/2005 9:15 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Thoughts on snow...

Here's to the white stuff...

No not THAT white stuff, you perverts!

The flaky, cold kind that falls from the sky-- yes, snow.

We have a substantial chance of snow tomorrow night (*knock on wood*) and I'm excited.

I love the way things look so pure when blanketed bu the big fluffy flakes. When the icy feathers cover everything it takes a bit of the edge off the ugliness of the urban sprawl.

It gives modern man an idea of what things used to look like.

safereturns 47F

12/22/2005 11:17 pm

Ooh, you ARE psycho, Sexy.

See, snow = cold. Cold = bad. I'm a simple woman.

A shame you aren't a more frequent bloggity blogger (the word doth sucketh indeed).

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