Prolific Indecent Exposure  

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3/5/2006 8:06 pm

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Prolific Indecent Exposure


in the show and tell -
consumate the impure narration.
the obsene gaze -
scandalous voice of tradition
unafraid of victorian ways.

lodged behind doors are
the innumerable pleasures
of sexual human nature in
the behavior institution defining intercourse.

public interest in
the bliss of sex are on the lips
of the hypocrital stumbler in buffoonery;
eyes like baskets of soiled rags.

necessary -
natural -
progressive -
habitual -
life sustaining -
high impact.

but notoriously -
what lies in the inhabitants
are the "deadly secrets" in immense influence
that sparks so much curiosity
of all that's unacceptable.


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