Misadventures: When drinking too much is a GOOD thing...  

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11/10/2005 12:26 am

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Misadventures: When drinking too much is a GOOD thing...

When I woke from my hazy, alcohol-induced sleep, everything in my world felt different. I attributed the feeling to the major hangover I was going to have today. I should have listened to my mother as she stated ‒ over and over again ‒ that one of these days, the alcohol was going to make me wish I weren’t alive. I had a sinking feeling that today was the day she had been referring to all of my life.

I didn’t open my eyes immediately, as it felt like it was going to be a very difficult task. I lay there awhile and thought how different my mattress felt. When did my lumpy, old, sprung mattress start to feel this good when I lay in it? It felt as if there were clean sheets on my mattress and it had somehow become more firm and supportive. Just how I like my men! Ha! When was the last time I met a man that was supportive, much less firm with me?

As I relished in the new feel of my old mattress, I tried stretching my sore muscles. Funny, I didn’t remember doing anything last night that would make me sore. I guess I really must have let loose and danced up a storm last night. Blame it on the alcohol!

As I stretched, I realized that there was some tension in the actions ‒ my arms were tied to something! Lifting my legs to test the theory, I heard a heavy rattling ‒ like chains links moving across each other. I snapped my eyes open with the realization that I was somehow shackled to the bed ‒ and suddenly it dawned on me that this wasn’t my bed ‒ only when I opened my eyes, everything was still dark. What have I done?! Was I in the hospital, restrained because I’d had an accident? No, they would have used nylon to strap me down, not chains. And why were my eyes covered? Was it to save me from seeing the condition I had ended up in? What was going on?

Let me know if you want to know more... I promise to indulge and satisfy. I promised Him...

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