Getting down to business  

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11/30/2005 12:21 am

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Getting down to business

He noticed the direction of my gaze and gave my nipples a sharp tweak. I snapped my eyes back to his face, where I could see that he was enjoying my perusal. His mouth stretched into a lazy grin. I knew that I had never laid eyes on this man before, and I was suddenly thankful that I was in this situation. Excitement heated the blood coursing through my veins and made my cunt even wetter. He sensed my arousal and the smile on his face went away. He was all business now.

He moved to the foot of the bed and lifted each of my legs, testing the slack of the chains. Smiling with approval, he did the same thing with my arms. I saw him walk to a side table and pick something up. I heard the now-familiar rattle of chains. He returned to the side of the bed with an 8-inch dildo in his hand. At the bottom of the dildo was a chain smaller than my own bindings, but still very thick. He touched my clit and rubbed the little pleasure nub. I almost came from the sheer waiting for that to happen! He removed his fingers and I instinctively raised my hips into the air to try to maintain the precious contact. As I lifted my hips, he plunged the dildo into my hot cunt. It slid in with ease, as I was so slick from wanting. He knew exactly what I would do when he removed his fingers. He seemed to know me better than I knew myself. He grabbed the chain of the dildo and fucked me with it. He positioned his thumb over my clit and expertly rubbed as he repeatedly slid the dildo in and out until I came. As I was crashing over the waves of my orgasm, he gently lifted my hips and wrapped the chain up and around my waist, where the dildo was secured inside my pussy and no amount of movement would let it slip out. For an instant, I felt invaded, but it soon passed as I saw him getting a stool and setting it beside the bed. Curiosity took over my being as I watched him settle himself on the stool. He looked at me and with that grin asked, “Are you ready for me to play? Don’t be afraid of the phallus, it won’t come out. However, if it pleases you, you may move your ass a bit and the dildo will shift ever so slightly within you. If you flex your muscles, you’ll be able to grip it and pull and push it in and out of you. That will give you great pleasure ‒ it did last night.”

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