"Laying" eyes on my Master...  

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11/24/2005 12:35 am

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"Laying" eyes on my Master...

“I will be sure to take you through the same experience while you are completely sober. That will be my gift to you, my pet. I brought you here because I saw an untapped ability within you; an ability to give me what I so often seek but cannot seem to grasp. Although you were hesitant at first, you were a very willing student and learned quite a fascinating lesson last night. You have brought me undeniable pleasure and I will give that back to you today. We are wonderful together. You may decide ‒ afterward ‒ if you wish to remain in my care. I think I have found “the one”.”
As strange as it seemed, these were the gentlest things anyone had ever said to me. I was intrigued by this man. Would he remove my blindfold so that I could see him? Did I know him?

The entire time he was speaking, he was still petting my thighs and running his fingers over my breasts and the hottest part of my body. He moved his hands up to stroke my face and to trace his soft fingers over my lips. I parted my lips and inhaled the smell of my own sex. He gently lifted the blindfold from my eyes. It took me a moment to register what I was seeing, as the room was lit with a dreamy, fog-like quality. The walls were a deep, dark red and the only light in the room came from hundreds of candles spread throughout. The single window was painted the same dark shade of red, and was covered partially by heavy velvet curtains of a slightly darker shade.

As my eyes took in the room, I focused on the most important part of it: the man facing me, looking into my eyes with such obvious lust that I almost blushed. His face was partially covered by a black mask. Only his mouth, nose and eyes were visible. In a funnier time or place, he may have looked like Zorro, but my body was so heavily in tuned to the play of his fingers on my body that there wasn’t anything funny about him. His lips were slightly parted and I could see that they were soft and velvety. The angle of his jaw was strong and sharp with just a shadow of a beard showing. His eyes were the deep green of priceless emeralds. I could easily imagine looking at those eyes for the rest of my life. His hair was thick and black with just a slight wave to it. It hung about his shoulders as if he were a rogue knight from the Middle Ages. He had broad shoulders and a strong chest that tapered into a fine waist disappearing into a tight pair of black pants. Since I had gotten this far, I couldn’t help but staring at the enormous bulge in his pants.

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