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11/23/2005 11:06 am

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the first time i was slave girl in bed to Master was unbelieveable to say the least.

After a washing His body, shaving His face around His gotee making it as perfect as He likes, we retired to the bed. As i dry myself off and brush through my hair, He reaches for my hand and takes the brush. He tells me to kneel on the bed so He can brush my hair. i never asked why for i had no reason to. He begins long strokes with my brush upon my wet hair. Once He is satified with my hair He lays on the bed.
i still kneeling, He reaches up puts His hand around my neck and pulls me in to kiss Him. His kiss is very long and passionate.
He begins to push me back up to my kneeling position as i move upward He kisses my neck down to my breasts... He moves my hands onto His chest and says "use them to my pleasure!" i begin to rub His chest and kiss His neck down to His chest. He pushes my head down His chest. He says "suck me now!" so i begin to suck Him. He moves His hands up and down my body to pleasure Himself, as He knows it pleases me. He stops me and says "now you ride me..." i stradle and begin to moan with pleasure. He tells me "not yet, you are not to cum!" i have to hold my orgasm till He says i can. The more i ride Him the faster i go, the faster i go the more i want Him to tell me to release my orgasm. Since i am riding Him with my back towards Him, He begins to smack my ass not only with His hands but also with His whip, making me scream more and wanting to let go of my orgasm more. i beg Him "please, please, please, i need to cum Master..." He says "not yet you don't!" i cry with pleasure still begging Him. He pushes me off and says "kneel and bend on all fours!" As i do what He says i can feel myself getting wetter waiting for Him to tell me i am allowed to orgasm. He reaches down and grabs His whip, He begins to lash me over and over again until my lash marks are red and pronouced. As my screams become louder i beg through them for Him to "please me Master, do as You wish Master, make me scream and beg for more from You, Master."
He says "its my decision when you cum and when you are to get me, and now i will enter you for I want to pull on your long hair and make you scream for me to cum!" The second He enters me, i begin to scream "may i Master, please Master, i want to cum, Master please." He says "you will cum when i cum!" He pulls on my hair and smacks my nakid ass till it is red under His touch. He switches hand fulls of hair told hold not only my hair but also my shoulder. He says "slave you are to start cumming now!" As i scream in pleasure from Him letting me cum, i beg Him to "give to me what He wishes as hard as He wishes."
He says "slave you are mine!" and cums inside of me deep enough for me to feel every pump of His orgasm.
He pushes me to the bed and colapses on top of me wrapping His strong arms around me. He whispers in my ear "slave, I love you" i whisper back "Master, i love you too"

rm_MamCsDawne 46F
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11/23/2005 8:21 pm

What an awesome story.. Crazy thing is I know u well enuff to believe this story to be true to life. I love ya girlie. Visit my blog sometime if u wish. And if Master permits. love ya, sissy

rm_dolphint4mer 44M/42F
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11/23/2005 11:20 pm

Have i ever told you a lie sissy. this is true to our life. and i would have never typed it or wrote it how ever you all want to look at it if it wasn't.
yes everyone has there own sexual fantasies but this is no fantasy for us.
love ya too sissy

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