a fantasy of a firetruck  

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7/25/2006 8:58 am

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a fantasy of a firetruck

You and I are walking along together when we stumble across a platform firetruck... we both look at each other and think that devilish thought... and since we are out in the middle of a field with no one around we decide to play.

As we climb on the truck I throw my shirt off and into the grass on the ground. You see that and lunge faster towards me trying and catch me.. as you grab me I almost slip and fall but land on the platform itself. You put your arm around my waist and pull me into a passionate kiss. As our tongues intertwine with each other I feel you getting hard inside your jeans... I reach down to pull your shirt over your head so you can feel my bare skin against yours.. you reach around to un hook my bra. You move your hands to my shoulders to slide down the straps of my bra and as it falls you move to cup my breasts in your hands. I reach down and begin to unbutton your jeans and reach my hand inside to feel your cock getting bigger..I slowly lick my way down your chest as you lean against the rail of the platform.. I pull your jeans down as I move my way down your body and expose your hard cock into my hand.. I kneel infront of you and just gaze up and give you my tongue face as you see my tongue ring you become harder.

With the gentle breeze of the wind and the moisture of my lips and the ball of my ring you become week under my touch.I slowly start to lick the head of your now hard throbbing cock .. I flick the ball over the head as I open my mouth to take all of you in and make you wet under me .. I lick the shaft while taking you in and out and just the feel of my tongue ring up the line on the bottom of your hard cock makes you quiver as your hands and fingers run through my hair to pull me on and off of you... the more I lick the more excited you get as you grab my hair and pull me in so you can feel the deepness of my throat... Can you think Deep throat ?????
as I pull back and reach up with my hands on your balls to fondle them as I suck the head of your hard cock and lick up the tip.. you grab me and say" I am cumming".. I then take a breath and start to suck ever so sensuous and then begin to swallow every last drop.....i lick my lips and the base of your soft cock and gaze up into your eyes...

you move down to meet me on the platform to lay me back.. but first you go to the controls and hoist the platform up into the air as high as it can go..you then come back to me and kiss me deeply so you can feel both the top and bottom balls on my tongue ring... you undo the button and unzip my pants to reach in and feel the wetness of my pussy... you continue to kiss me and then move down my neck to suck on my breasts.. and with the wetness of your tongue and the gentle breeze my nipples become hard as you suck on them...

you slide my pants off and pull my g-string to the side as you move between me to lick up the warm juices of my wet pussy... you flick your tongue over my clit as I moan in pleasure... you move 3 fingers in and out of me as you lap and suck up the juices you are creating... you start to suck harder on my clit and put 4 fingers in and out of me... I begin to scream.. and yell.. "I am cumming!" You start to suck all my juices as they pour out of me...

As we both gasp for air you move me so I can bend over the rail of the platform and look down...as you move behind me with your now hard cock again to enter me...You put your hand on my shoulder and pull back as you thrust forward with everything you have hitting the back of me..you thrust in and out deeper and deeper with every thrust... as I begin to scream as the platform moves back and forth with our motions... you grab my hair and pull me up and back as your hard cock goes in and out of my wet pussy... every thrust you pull my hair harder and back till we are in a almost full standing position ..

we then both move positions as I lay down again and you put my ankles on your shoulders and thrust deep inside my hot wetness.. you feel my contract around your hard cock with every thrust... I start to cum again and again under your power... as I cum once more with your thrust I turn and push you back so you can lay down..I straddle you.. Now I am in control.. I ride you as you put your hands on my breasts to play with my hard nipples.. as my hands are on your chest moving me up and down as I lean back feeling your hands now on my hips moving me in a rocking up and down and back and forth motion I feel you go your deepest I quiver on you as you say "I am cumming" at the same time I say 'yes baby I am cumming to... cum with me'.. as I colapse on your chest and look up into your eyes as we kiss one last time .. then we just hold each other..
I gather our things as you put the platform back down and we climb down... as we walk away we both say wow... and smile holding hands ...thinking time to go back to reality.......

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12/11/2006 1:43 am

i love reading your stories.. keep em commin..

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