Wednesday ....  

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4/5/2006 3:23 pm
Wednesday ....

Well its the middle of the week - well I suppose technically past that now. And another busy day. Not so much pressing the flesh today although there was one spot due to a cock up by the admin people. I wasn't due to actually see any patients today - a day for report writing, paper work and boring stuff like that but for some reason (the computer was inevitably blamed) one of my colleagues was double-booked. He offered me the choice: 55 year old male or 32 yr old female needing basic medical for insurance purposes. I made the wrong choice. She was obese - unpleasantly so - surly and it was one of those times when I'd rather be doing something else, honest. Nothing to get excited about, trust me.

But hey - have to take the rough with the smooth, so to speak.

Also back home late although the weather seems like it might be breaking at long last with the prospect of more people catching publc transport and being out on the streets with the opportunity of surreptitious views of bras, breasts and pants.

Does any body else enjoy these tantalising glimpses when the girlis unaware that her blouse is gaping or trousers fallen a little further than she realises? Helps to make the world go round for me!

Doctor Brian

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