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9/2/2005 3:02 pm

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Today - Friday

Last day of the week so looking forward to a hot blistering London weekend. I'm only talking about the weather unfortunately.

It can be difficult sometimes professionally. 99% of the time exams are completely focussed on the patient, their problem and how to help them. But once in a while that boundary is difficult to maintain.

I had a new patient today who attended for an insurance medical. As I said its hot in London just now so she arrived in a very skimpy see-thru' top underwhuch she wore a very sexy black bra. I do not beleive she didn't know the effect it might have. It was difficult to concentrate on the medical history Q&A and I felt that I had no option but to ask a chaperone to come in for the physical as I did not want to risk her being the one patient who would try to exploit the situation and then blame me. I can picture her in my mnd now and away from the surgery & examination its quite an arousing image.

It happens very rarely but there are women who come to their doctor with no real complaint other then "it hurts here doctor" pointing to their chest, wearing sexy or even no underwear and then moan quietly while you examine them.

Falling in love with yur doctor is not good news ! If you want an affair with a doctor find another one!

lushgirl69 49F

9/2/2005 5:55 pm

I've never had a doctor to whom I was attracted, so this has, fortunately (I suppose), not been an issue. I do enjoy the imagry of a certain naughty bondage movie by Ed Zabel that uses medical equipment and, of course, the stirrups. I think it is the clinical approach that hits me hardest....

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