Today's Monday  

rm_doctor_brian 61M
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4/3/2006 6:21 pm
Today's Monday

Well I mentioned that I had moved into a new job. Been there a while now but just settling in and today was typical.
In this job I am able to concentrate more on company and occupational medicine so have more patients requiring medicals for new jobs or because their company pays for it rather than the usual stream of flu, colds, aches & pains.

So today I had 5 physicals to do, 3 or 4 were just basic the others more detailed. People are really worried by them sometimes, perhaps because there is more riding on it if its for a new job, or perhaps because they've not seen their own doctor for sometime and this stranger wil poke & prod them and find something that needs more investigation.

Not so today. So if any of you gals want to be prodded by a strange doctor you know where to come ... so to speak.

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