Monday 5th September  

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9/5/2005 2:10 pm

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Monday 5th September

Well a few days after reaching the big 5 0 and I find myself lusting after the attractive women just as much. Trouble is that not sure I have the energy for the chase or whether I should just be content with window shopping. The latter sure is fun but vaguely unsatisfying. Actully there's nothing vague about it - more like sheer torture in the summer.

Perhaps its a sign of getting old - or perhaps its really true - that women in London are prepared tp flaunt itmore than they were when i was young.

I remember them all being dressed very chastely even at the hight of summer whereas now cleavage, bra straps and pants all hang out. But why, oh why, do some women (and men!!) who are clearly nbot suited to skimpy clothing persist? Its not a pretty sight in some cases, and perhaps their best friends ought to tell them to cover up. nOr perhaps they don't have any best friends?

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