Chemistry Beats Physical Attraction Any Day!  

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6/20/2006 2:29 pm
Chemistry Beats Physical Attraction Any Day!

The vast majority of us allow our initial visual response to determine our future success in many ways. If visually pleasing, then we may choose to proceed.

One can develop chemistry through AdultFriendFinder by open correspondence over a period of time and then planning that special meeting. The greater the correspondence and more detail in the planning, the greater the excitement and better outcome.

All of us at one time or another wished for the perfect relationship. Open communication is the key to the success. What typically happens to derail the development of the relationship is a thing called lust. Once a relationship becomes sexual, the whole nature of the communication changes. On a certain level, aspects of learning about each other stops until after the marriage and the lust is not replaced with true love.

Stop and think about your past experiences. Didn't you actually begin to overlook the warning signs because of the sexual nature of the relationship? Join the large crowd of those who have done this.

My wife and I corresponded for 6 months via email before ever meeting. I was in Tennessee and she was in Shanghai. We asked each other all sorts of questions which never are typically asked during the typical dating process. When we met.....sparks flew. We missed our flight the next day. Six more months of correspondence and we met a second time. Same result, but we didn't miss the flight, because we didn't plan one.

I will say that through 12 months of daily written correspondence, that we know each other better than the vast majority of other couples before they got married. Three years later and going strong.

A friend of mine told me of one of his most sensual experiences. After lengthy written correspondence with someone out of state, they decided to meet. First impression, physical appearance wouldn't have brought them together. Yet that special chemistry was present and they spent an entire weekend experiencing wild sex. She was multi-orgasmic which was a first for him and it was a great boost in his self esteem. Did either of them regret it? NO! 48+ hours of sex, minus the time for a meal or two.

Appearance or Chemistry? You decide.


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