After having it all, where do I go now?  

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After having it all, where do I go now?

From 1975-1992 All my black men I was with.

Black men, I never had a problem with finding one to take care of my needs. All I had to do was look for the right one for the job of taking care of me. If I needed to get the hell fucked out of my ass, I would find the black man to do just that. If I wanted to fuck a pretty looking black man, I definitely had no problems find one for that job. It seemed that I had attracted many young black men that wanted me to take care of their hot asses. I could not go out to any bar where I knew there were blacks inside without being hit upon by more than one of them. Sometimes it was a big problem for me when I wanted to be with one particular black man, another fine one would be looking me over and I would have to decide which one to take home with me. It was a dirty job but someone had to do it and I never went home alone, unless I wanted to. I loved to shoot pool and I always would find a black man to shoot pool with, sometimes when I would be playing them, other black men would come up to the table and challenge the table just to get a chance to play me. I usually took the best player home with me, maybe that is why there were so many blacks coming up to my table to play me. Some of my black opponents were excellent players but it did not matter how good they were, I would always play better than they did. The better the black player was, the better I played. I guess I did this to get the best one to play, beat him and then take him home.

When I felt like dancing and I went out to dance, I never had a problem finding good looking black men to dance with. In fact I had to fight them off because so many of them tried to get me to dance with them. They would grab hold of my hands to lead me to the dance floor and someone else would take me away to dance with them. It was fun, but at times it got a little hectic when choosing a dance partner when so many tried to get chosen. In the end, I had chosen the one I wanted to go home with and it was usually someone I would be fucking. It was rare for me to find a black man that wanted to fuck me when I was out dancing. I would go and shoot pool if I wanted to find a black dick to fuck me.

I was a very popular man and there were always someone who (usually many) wanted to be me and get me into bed with them. Sometimes choosing one became a problem and sometimes I would opt out and leave by myself and go somewhere else to find a bed partner for the night. It was rare that I would not find someone while being out at the bars but if it was a bad night at the bar, I would go to the book store and I usually left very well satisfied both ways. I would fuck ass and give ass as many times as I wanted to, but they had to be better than good looking to get my attention. I never had a problem finding many blacks to take care of my needs at any book store. This was my life and I loved every minute of it. I never had any real bad experiences with any of my partners, but there were a few that were not so good.

I can't remember all the bad experiences I had and I had my share of them. You tend to only remember the good ones and not so much the bad ones. The bad ones were mostly from making messes and I don't like messes on my cock or even seeing any. After twenty-five years of love making to my man hole, I never made a mess on anyones cock. I always made sure that I was cleaned out very well or I would not take a cock up into me. Every black man that ever fucked me always told me that I was as clean as a woman's pussy, now I did not like being compared to a woman's pussy but I did like the being clean part of it. I had black men that I had fucked before come up to me at the bars and think since they had fucked me that I was their piece of ass or their man. I guess I had a lot of disappointed men when they found out that they were only fucks to me and nothing else. Some of them were great and I had a good time with them but they were not good enough to make me settle down with them. I had some men get down right mean and nasty when I rejected them but that was how it was. I rarely had sex with the same black man twice, if I did, damn, he must have been good to where I would want him again. I can say that there were about six or maybe seven men that I fucked more than once and some several more times. Those were the best men who fucked me so good and knew exactly what to do to please someone. Maybe they gave me the best ass and I wanted to fuck it again but there were not many more that were that good enough for me to break the once only rule. I do believe that there was one man, he was younger than me by about four years, he worked downtown and I would pick him up from work and we would go somewhere and he would fuck me until I could not take anymore. I even took him home with me and we fucked in my own bed. I knew my parents would be at our neighbors house playing cards and they would not be home until about ten. We had plenty of time for him to fuck my ass several times before we had to leave. I am sorry that I lost contact with him, he walked off his job one day and I had no way to contact him and he had no way to contact me. We had a standing date almost every night, if not I would tell him when I would be back to pick him up.

There was another one I remember well. He lived in Galveston and I fucked him twice on the seawall, of coarse it was always well after midnight when this happened.I would run into him at this one bar, he would come with some friends but he would leave with me. We would fuck somewhere and I would drive him back to Galveston which was an hours drive. I had this one young man, damn he must have been very close to being underage and he fucked me one night and he thought he owned me after that. He was a hotshot quarterback in high school and now he thought he was this hot shot love maker. I had to set him strait and tell him that he was just a fuck to me and he would never be anything else but that to me. I did not like having sex with men like that and I would avoid them if I knew that they were going to cause me problems, but you never know this until after you fuck them.

I had my first lover at the age of twenty and he was still in highschool, him I know was only seventeen years old. I did meet him at a bar, so he did have an ID that proved he was nineteen to get into the bar. We were together for about a year and a half before we realized we were still young and still had to explore ourselves and find our ways in life. I fucked him and he was one of the best pieces of ass I ever had at that particular time. There would be better ones later on in my life. After the break up, I found a guy that had a huge cock and I dated him for about two months. He gave my man hole a good work out every time I took his gigantic cock. I also fucked his tight ass many times but he was too boring for me. He did not drink, he did not like going to bars and it was hard to get him out of his apartment. So I moved on to others. I had many men in between my stays with lovers but it seemed that I would always meet someone that I just had to be with and I always did get them to be mine. My second lover, what a disaster it turned out to be. He turned into a drag queen after going to a halloween contest at one of the bars. He was persueded by one of our friends to dress up like a woman. He liked it and it happened so fast and before I knew it he was Miss Gay Houston of 1977. Shortly after that I left him, he wanted to be a woman more than the pretty young man I fell in love with.

My third lover was a married man. Why I chose him was easy to figure out. He knew how to treat a man and I think that I was intrigued with the fact that he was married and he wanted to be with me also. We lasted for five years. There would be a few more men in my life that I would have relationships with and there were hundreds of men that I had plain old sex with. I had to have several men a day in order to be satisfied. I would have to take some cock and also I would give it, it did not matter sometimes. I just had to have sex with a black man and nothing could stop me. I will write more later.

I had met this very handsome black man while he was playing pool. He was an great shooter and rarely missed a shot. I had watched him whip the pants off of three opponants and it was my turn now. I had paid very good attention to his games and watched him very closely. I did not know if I could beat him but I knew how to beat him. The problem is getting the opportunity to shoot. Once he broke the balls, he usually ran the table and his opponent never got the chance to shoot. I gave the balls my best rack and just waited for him to break. He came up to me and shook my hand. He held on to my hand longer than a usual handshake would be held. He gave me this smile and I almost melted, he looked so fine. My name is Tony he had said in a very sexy voice. I did not know what the smile was really for, it could have been a smile of confidence or I was hoping it was a smile that said I like you. I told him my name was David. He then put his hand on my shoulder and informed me that he had noticed me watching him shoot. He also said that he thought I would be his best opponent of the night. I said that I would give it my best shot. He laughed and asked me if I wanted to play for anything. I told him yeah, I would like to play for the chance to get you in bed. He started to walk to the table and when he turned around I could see his answer. His cock was hard and it could not be hidden but you had to look hard to see it because the lighting was not very good. I saw him adjust his cock as he was getting ready to break but before he did, he came up to me and said "Your on". I knew if I beaat him that I would get the chance to get him in bed and he was so gorgeous, fine and had a huge cock, so I knew I would enjoy him. Now all I had to do was beat him. I was hoping that what I said to him would take his mind off his game and that would give me a chance to win.

He broke the balls and five balls went in. There were three solids and two striped that were no longer on the table. Which one would he go for. He chose the solids, since three were already gone. He had a hard shot on his next ball but he made it. He had an ever harder shot on his next shot and thankfully he missed. I had my chance. I made the first two easily and I was down to my last ball, it was a very hard shot. I would have to bank the cue ball off two rails to reach it. It was the fifteen ball and I shot, the first rail was good, the second was heading in the right direction and as it left the cushion, I could see that it was heading directly for the fifteen. It had a good chance of fallin into the pocket and it did. It fell to OHs and AHs and the look on my opponents face was one of shock and he said that was a great shot my friend, but what were you going to do with the eight ball. I looked over the table, damn, the eight ball was not where I could hit it strait. I would have to try to bank it in somehow. I studied the table, trying to see how I could get at that eight ball. I could see a shot that I had practiced many times, but without any other balls on the table. It was in the right position for my shot which would take three rails to reach the ball. I pointed out my hopeful shot to him, he smiled and said good luck on that one. He did not think I would made it. This time I went up to him and asked him what would I get if I made the shot. He smiled and said to me "whatever you want of me you can have". I dont know if I could even concentrate on shooting with that on my mind, but I did my best to keep a clear mind. I shot the cue ball and I imeadiatly thought I had hit it too soft and it would not make it to the eight ball. It came off the first cushion in the right place and was going where it was supposed to go and it was heading for the second cushion. It hit it and it still went where I was hoping it would go. I was slowly heading for the eight ball, it had to just barely clip the cue ball to send it down the rail towards the pocker. The cue ball hit it in the right place, now does it have enough momentum to make it to the pocket. It got real quiet and you could only hear whispers. Someone said he made it, I knew he would make it. Someone else agreed with me that I had not hit it hard enough. It seemed to take forever even though it only took about four seconds for the cue ball to knock the eight ball into the hole. This handsome man came up to me and shook my hand. He told me I was the first man to beat him tonight and he had played about fifteen games before me. I asked him if he was ready to leave so I could collect my winnings. He told me he wanted another drink, he asked me if I wanted one, I did, so he went off to buy the drinks. He also told me to continue playing because he wanted to play me again. There were at least six players ahead of him and I would have to beat all of them in order to play him again. This gave me a purpose to win.

I had put three of the challengers out of their mysery and I was working on the fourth one. He seemed as if he would be no problem for me. He was not, I won against him also. That left two more until I played Tony so I had to win. I played with a vengence with number five, his name was Chuck. I had some difficulty in beating him, he was a safe player. He would always leave me with the cue ball in a possition where I would never have a clear shot of my next ball. I would have to bank the shots. They were not easy shots for me but I had reason to win and nothing was going to stand in my way. I made the shot, the crowd loved my shot and I left myself an easy shot on my next ball. It fell, so I had two more to make in order for me to play Tony. The next one fell but I did not leave me a good shot on the last ball. I would have to think about this one for awhile. There were several ways to hit the ball and make it sink. I just had to figure out which shot was the one I could make. Just like I always do, I chose the harder shot. I heard someone say that I had picked the wrong shot and I would never make it. That made me more determined to make it now.I again showed the shot I was going to make, just to make sure that Tony and everyone else knew my shot. I got ready to shoot, it grew very quiet and I know some were holding their breaths. I shot and the cue ball was off to its first cushion, it had to spin off the cusion to get by Chuck's ball and it did. It was heading right towards its targer, the seven ball. It clipped the ball just in the right place and lucky number seven was heading for home. It fell, the crowd let out a sigh of releif. Now, I had the eight ball to contend with and it was not in line with any pocket to hit it strait in. So I had another bank shot to preform. It was not a hard shot at all, but like I always so, I pick a harder shot. Instead of a one rail bank, I was going to bank the cue ball off four cushions. I had made shots like this before, so I knew it would be no problem to make. I still let out a loud "YES, YES", as the eight ball found the pocked. I heard someone say the no one could beat me and I guess the others knew it also. There were about five people that had money on the table to secure a place in line to play me. They all picked up their money, I guess they saw no reason to play me if they already knew they would lose.

Tony came up and gave me a big hug and congradulated me on shooting some great pool. He even kissed me on my cheek and I think he had an alterior motive for it too. He was trying to make it harder for me to concentrate on my shooting. I knew it would not work, because I play at my best when I have a handsome black opponent to play and he was one fine black man. Tony racked the balls and I broke them imediatly and we were under way. I made several balls on the break, two solids and one stripe. Of coarse I chose the strip, I never chose the easy route. Most of the solid balls were in an easy position to make but I wanted the striped balls. I heard a few people say that I should have taken the solids. I made my first two shots but barely missed the third one. Damn, I hate it when the ball hits the corner of the pocket. It was tony's turn and if he played right he would have an easy game and beat me. I would never get another shot, I thought, if he plays his game right. Damn, he had one more ball to make and then he had the eight ball to make and win. He did not have an easy shot but I had seen him make harder shots earlier. I just knew the game was over for me. Tony got ready to shoot and when the cue ball took off, I knew he was not going to make it. It would be close but I just felt he was going to miss it. He did not make it, it too hit the point of the pocket and veered off. He left me with an easy shot on my last ball and it fell. I would have to bank the eight ball in, but it was an easy one to make. I chose my pocket to make it in and got ready to shoot. I looked up at Tony and I winked at him and I knew that he was going to lose. I shot the cue ball just right, it hit the eight ball in the right place and it was heading for its pocket and fell in. What few people that were still around the room cheered my victory and I stood there with a smile on my face. I was looking at Tony, he came up to me and planted a big kiss on my lips and said to me that it was a sample of things to come for me. He was a great kisser and I felt weak in my knees, so I grabbed on to him with my arms. He thought I was just hugging him, but I was very close to colapsing. He wanted one more drink before we left for where ever we were going. He bought me one more drink too. So we drank our drinks and we talked about our games and then he just said, "David, I want to fuck you all over my house". I just looked at him, I smiled and asked him what he was waiting for. We headed to to exit.
I was on my way to collect my winnings and I just felt that I was going to be stinking rich before the night was over.

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