Then and Now......  

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8/17/2005 3:43 pm

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Then and Now......

Then. Ahhh, then. Sweet 16. In love with the idea of love. Not a fucking clue about anything mind you..but you ve all been there. This night anyway, after being out and having a few drinks ( probably 2 dry lol) and hand in hand we walk back to his place..all starry eyed and giggly..soo sophisticated. It was a boat. It was probably a tiny boat but memory makes it like a luxury cruise liner lol. Long story was something I ve never forgotten. It was erotic. Extremely. The motion of the boat...the silence except for the sound of the waves..our own whispers and sweet nothings...feeling the freedom of the outdoors but being totally enclosed and cocooned in darkness...the absolute darkness allowing boldness that aybe would not have happened otherwise. No sleep. Childish intensity. Swearing love forever....

NOW...Ahhhhhhhhhh LOL
Well, not quite now. This was a few years ago. My ex and Iwere moving countries, and we (he) decided to do part of the journey by ferry. 2 nights on a boat. Cool. ( I love boats lol). But, he just had to take our cat. Nothing against the cat. I loved him too. Got settled in the cabin ( oh those crisp starched white sheets...drooool) Left the travel bags (and the cat box) in the car. Cargo deck. Visions of a champagne dinner...a show...little smooch...and ..spruce up the old sex life. Wrong. Hubby insisted on having the cat with us ( against ALL the rules..including mine LO but..bribery and a bit of sneakiness worked. Cat installed in cabin. Howling. Screeching. Spiting and Scratching. The dispatched to get (fuck) smoked salmon and some "soft cheese". For the CAT. Another bribe coz its making so much fucking noise the purser (curser??). Back to the cabin bearing the salmon and cheese..Hubby is too stressed for dinner. CAT is fucking A1. The hem of my long dress is full of deck sweepings and I m sure the white spot is mayo.. bummer. I look at the queensize bunk. The crisp sheets. The pillowcase with (a melted) chocolate on it. A white whale of a man and a black whale of a CAT sharing it. The smell of smoked salmon and soft cheese..and cat farts not quite doing it for me.
Needless to say I was pissed off. My romantic "lets make it better" 2 nights were fast disappearing down the chemical toilet. THEY started snoring and I sought solace in my wrecked gown and a bottle of lukewarm champers. Eventually caught a wave and fell into the other (mini size) bunk. Bit pissed but VERY pissed off.
Couple of minutes later..howwwwwwwwl...scream...PUKE. The CAT got seasick. All over hubbys pillow. And crisp sheets. and bedspread. Alllllllllllllll over.
I turned my mini bunk..with a smile on my face and fell into a deeeeep sleep.

TheQuietGuy2005 54M
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8/17/2005 9:41 pm

I think I prefer "then"!

The last time I tried to be nice to a cat in transit it was Lucy, my beautiful black 'n' white kitten. We were heading over from Nottingham to the depths of Derbyshire and she wasn't very happy, going loopy at great volume inside her cage.

When she was younger I'd got into the habit of carrying her around inside my shirt or bath robe so The Better Half suggested I did that to comfort her. BIG mistake! While I was picking her up from the cage she was still, silent. The moment I put her into my shirt, though, she became a thing possessed ... and didn't bother to keep her claws in.

And I didn't dare to let her go because we couldn't have her flying around inside the car.

Eventually, The Better Half decided to stop - not out of sympathy but because she was laughing too much to drive! Still it gave me the opportunity to put my dear kitty back into the cage and sod the noise!

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