Siesta With A Friend........  

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8/27/2005 10:01 am

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Siesta With A Friend........

Its too hot to go out and I m feeling too lazy to do anything much. I wandered back into the bedroom and lowered the blind to close out the sheer white light of the sun. I lay on the cool bedsheets and closed my eyes, thinking of nothing in particular, mind strangely blank for me. Then I thought of you. Leaning over I opened the bedside drawer, takiing out my favourite toy. The coolness of the room and the sound of the sea relaxed me, and I closed my eyes, slipping easily into a well loved fantasy. Waves over pleasure broke over me as I felt you standing beside me, watching as I teased myself. You moved closer and gasped as I turned my head, my tongue licking and circling you. tastse soooo good. Moaning softly you moved closer, my mouth and lips enclosing you as my hips moved, the sensations almost unbearable.
I felt your hands gripping my head gently as you moved to the same rythm, our moans low and loud as we lost ourselves to the moment. My mouth was full of the taste of you, and I loved the way you throbbed as you went deeper and deeper. Dont stop..dont stop....
You gripped my head harder as my back arched..knowing there was no stopping now. On and on we went, absorbed in each other..the world closed out as we moved together....god donnnnnt stop...dont ever stop....I opened my eyes and watched your face as you flooded into my mouth........


I lay on the bed for a few minutes, a smile on my face, letting my body come back to earth.
Before I leave tho, thank you for being my friend

dizzy xx

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