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6/6/2006 11:43 am

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Well. After another - too few - couple of hours sleep, we got up at the RIGHT time lol and went down for brekkers. I stuck to strong black coffee (the mint tea is toooo sweet for me, especially when barely awake), some sweet rolls, and the most fantastic soft cream cheese.
We gradually came round and went for a walk aound the streets of Tangier. K was looking to buy an apartment and we had a couple of hours to kill before meeting the seller. Or so we thought. Nope. W, the moroccan girl, had effeciently made us an appointment with a local lawyer. Bit cart before the horse coz K hadnt even seen the apartment yet but..hey ho..go with the flow.
He picked us up and we had a mad half hour dodging mental drivers in all sorts and ages of vehicles..traffic lights, traffic lanes and signals all totally ignored lol.
Nearly broke more bones seeing as I went ass over tit at the entrance to the lawyers building, as did the other two lol. Mind the step??? Fuck that lol. You should KNOW theres a step there even IF the lights are out..which they were!!
Ok..we got him outta the way..just in time to be collected by the seller..another mental round of "guess where I m going" on the roads. We were all hungry again so we stopped at a big hotel near the site K wanted to see. We shared lunch after waiting a few days coz the (admittedly verrrrrrrry handsome) waiter forgot MINE. Had to be mine didnt it?
Saw the site..very nice but too much like work for me to be interested..and we headed back to our hotel. Dreams of a shower..wander round the streets of Tangier...but NO. W had arranged TEA with her family. And we were LATE already. Jesus.
Only time to wash hands, splash face and brush most of my teeth before we were off yet again. FFS. We were knackered and hadnt seen anything yet lol.
Got to Ws parents..shoes off at the door..and W led us into what was obviously the "best room".
Tables groaning with food and juice, water, cakes, cheeses..everything and more, and a zillion people all waiting for us!!! OMG. Everyone was grinning, little kiddies giggling, and me and K stunned into embarassed silence lol. We were ushered onto seats...and handed plates piled with food. Mother W sat beside me and kept knocking on my cast, making motions for me to eat..and eat..and eat lol. Two little girls were fighting about which one got to cut my food into smaller pieces lol..and the conversation was all in sign language roflmAO !!
It was a lovely experience tho..the family were gorgeous and ever so welcoming. We managed to have a sort of conversation..poor W translating 100 questions at a time..and when the time came to leave we were nade to feel like part of the family, and made serious promises to go back and visit.
Stuffed with food..we waddled back to our hotel..dreams of a shower and an ice cold vodka and tonic spurring us on. BUT NO.
W told us that the local head of a big bank was collecting us in an hours time...we were apparently going for DINNER. Fucks sake. We still hadnt seen anything of Tanger (local pronunciation by now lol) and it was 7pm, Saturday night...

And that was NOT the end of it.....

Dizzy xx

rm_morgan1846 62M

6/7/2006 12:25 am

Dizzzzzzzzzzzzz - I have the perfect diet!!! It revolves around Vodka!!

So Mrrrrrrrrr Mmmmmmmmmmmorgan says - "What happened next????"


parkingspacereq 45M

6/7/2006 1:00 pm

dizz, i think that by the length of these blogs now that your plaster has come off lol

horny4770 60M
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6/7/2006 1:35 pm

You do have a time...LOL

Looking forward to session #3!


rm_dizzyandfun 48F
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6/7/2006 2:39 pm

MMMMMMMMMMrrr MMMMMMorgan..vodka... is, served chilled..loads of ice..no lemon..and tonic..the very best lol (remember `30 degs plus xx)

Parking..nope. One has many talents lol....pfffft..plaster!

H..I doooo...and (mostly) enjoy every minute pmsl xx

dizz xx

rm_ChriNa 45M/F
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4/4/2008 12:49 pm

great story we love it.

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