2nd piece of puzzle  

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4/3/2006 10:20 am

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2nd piece of puzzle

Well if you read my first blog you may be interested to learn more, but then again you may not.
I have made my views on lieing farley obvious.
The next piece of me is RESPECT.
Respect is a two way street and is never given to one who does not earn it. It is easy for someone in power to demmand respect but as respect is given as a gift it is the givers choice who gets it.
Too many times I have seen on AdultFriendFinder people trying to demand things from people without even earning the right to ask for the things they are chasing. Is it so hard for people to connect before they try it on?
I know and understand that this site is orientated towards meetings and virtual relationships, I am not stupid. However manners cost nothing and by just using these simple gestures respect is earnt and given freely.
If i can earn the respect of just one person then that makes me a richer man for it.

As I finish think on this, true power comes from knowledge. The knowledge that all around respect you as you respect them.

May your God(s) go with you always.

sportsfan362436 47F

4/3/2006 10:27 pm

I agree w/ you that manners cost nothing.... nothing, that is, except knowledge. I think that most who display no manners online, also have no manners in real life. I believe that respect is a two way street... unfortunately tho, easily lost when manners are not present. I think the two go hand in hand.
Good post!

*Smiles,kisses n hugz*

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