The Deepest End Of The Ocean  

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9/9/2005 11:00 pm

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The Deepest End Of The Ocean

The Deepest End Of The Ocean.

Middle aged dating sucks! This is especially true if youíre a guy like me, because Iím not into the bar scene and unfortunately my professional life doesnít maintain a wide set of open doors into the outside social world. So when it comes to meeting women I am left only to rare happenstance and on-line dating services. What do you say to someone in a brief momentís passing? How do you find confidence and trust in a service that is open to so much volume, uncertainty and risk? So my every day moves ahead just like always, happy and contented by my interest, and yet my life still moves ahead alone.

Part of what I am lacking I could easily obtain without too much effort, but for me the lust needs to be enjoyed beyond a one-night stand. I miss the physical contact greatly but Iím not willing to betray myself for the sake of something that lacks any measure of real meaning. Perhaps in this day and age it is foolish to still believe that sex should be equally trusted and equally shared, and that at least some other connection besides pure lust should be present between myself and my partner. Perhaps this notion is only noble to myself but it is who I am and I will not betray it for only a few hours of meaningless passion.

And so, like so many others I am drifting about in the deepest end of this middle-aged dating ocean in search of that one special island. But only now have I realized just how deep and vast this ocean really is, millions of islands in sight but scarcely a beach fit for my landing on any of them. The breeze is usually far too cold and the waves are usually far too choppy and I long for the day when the winds subside and this ocean turns calm, a warm sun on my back and beautiful sand beach at my bow. And so I keep looking, aimlessly opening my sails to the breeze in route for another part of this ocean, my eyes watching the endless scattering of islands passing by on the horizons. Somewhere my island is out there, I can feel it in my blood and I can taste it in my instincts and senses. Such is life in this deepest end of the ocean.

BBWhotredhead 56F

9/15/2005 12:33 am

You write beautifully, don't stop looking for the island.

ShyBigGirl9 47F

9/26/2005 5:14 pm

You have a beautiful soul. She's out there, so don't give up. And thank you for your advice.

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