sex with piercings  

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7/26/2006 2:04 am

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sex with piercings

We're wanting to hear about sex you have had with genital piercings. I'm getting a Pa soon, and want to show the wife it's worth the effort. We would like to hear about your experiances,whether you have one or had sex with someone who had one. Also want to hear from women with clit piercings, wife would like one of those.

rm_dirtyltlslut 46M/40F

8/15/2006 7:52 pm

Hmm..81 people have viewed the above post, but no one has any experience to share?
Did the post scare people? Or is there just no one at this site that has a genital piercing or experience with a partner with one?
I know that most men cringe when they think of a PA. As a woman, I cringe when I think of it too. lol Probably because of being told growing up just how sensitive you men are in that region. But, if there are men out there that have one perhaps you could set my mind at rest. Did/do you find that your partner(s) enjoyed it? Was/is it enjoyable for you?
Women same question. Did/do you find you enjoy it?

As for the female piercing. I am looking into a vertical hood piercing. I have heard that it can cause issues before you get used to it. Walking can cause you to be aroused and/or orgasm. I also heard recently that they can snag.
Have any of you women found either of these to be a problem? If so, did you find that changing the size of the ring alleviated the problem? Or is it just something that has to be dealt with for awhile?
dls (Obviously the female half of the couple)

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