Unarmed And Wounded POW Shot In The Head By U.S. Marine | video not shown on CNN  

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Unarmed And Wounded POW Shot In The Head By U.S. Marine | video not shown on CNN

The video contains course language, disturbing images of dead bodies in the aftermath of combat and graphic images of a man being shot dead.

This footage was filmed by an American journalist documenting the fighting. This is the transcript.

NORMAN HERMANT: This is the what the fighting looks like in Fallujah. Buildings are the front line. It's in this environment that a US Marine unit approached a mosque on Saturday.

AMERICAN JOURNALIST: These are the guys from yesterday.
These are the wounded that they never picked up.

NORMAN HERMANT: The journalist can clearly be heard saying these are wounded from a previous battle the day before.
They had been left there, clearly unarmed.

US MARINE 1: (Shouts) He's fuckin' fakin' he's dead!

US MARINE 2: Yeah!
He's breathing!

US MARINE 1: He's fakin' he's fuckin' dead!

NORMAN HERMANT: "He's dead now," a voice says after the man is shot.

US MARINE: (Shouts) Hey!
This one's still alive!

NORMAN HERMANT: The marines are again told these men were in the mosque yesterday.

One survivor pleads for help. "Please," he says, yesterday I was shot over there and talked to all of you on camera. I am one of the guys from this whole group. I gave you information."

The Marine Corps says it's important to view this shooting in the
context of the conditions in Fallujah.

Not far from where the incident took place, a marine was reported killed by booby-trapped body found in a house.

Still, marine officers say that doesn't justify killing unarmed

LT COL BOB MILLER, US MARINE CORPS: Enemy wounded -- and, in this case, insurgents -- who don't pose a threat, ah, would not be considered hostile generally.

I think that's a fair statement.

NORMAN HERMANT: The US military is investigating the shooting and the marine involved has been pulled off the battlefield.

If it's determined an unarmed wounded insurgent was shot dead, it would be a clear violation of the Geneva Convention.

LT GENERAL JOHN SATTLER, US MARINE COMMANDER: Let me make it perfectly clear -- we follow the law of armed conflict and we hold ourselves to a high standard of accountability.

NORMAN HERMANT: This isn't the first time concerns have been raised about illegal combat killings in Fallujah.

The end of this shootout last week provoked protests as well.

It appears as if a wounded insurgent had been gunned down.

These shootings not only raise legal concerns, they may pose a military problem for multinational forces as well.

There's a risk if insurgents believe they'll be killed if wounded,
they'll never surrender.

By fighting on to the death, they may believe they have nothing to lose.

Davros11 60M

11/4/2006 2:03 am

Very good man. People need to hear about the horror in Iraq.
Personally I think Bush should be tried for war crimes in the Hague.

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