The e-mail to friends and family  

rm_digitza 36M
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7/24/2006 9:53 am
The e-mail to friends and family

Yep, i'm here in the sticks, the gamadoelas, darkest africa, ek sé!

I don't think i could have asked for a friendlier nation to visit and work with, every person i meet literally welcomes me to their country.

Be it someone who is selling banana-chips on the corner, or one of our clients at a respected business, humble is an understatement!

Just have about 10000cedis available when asked how your day is by a police officer!

I left my wonderful city home of Cape Town about 2 weeks ago for Johannesburg, a week thereafter, it was a joyous 5hour flight over botswana, namibia and some other countries which had patches of unknown inhabitation every now and then!

The flight was 6 hours...

Manie is a friend of mine i met in Worcester about 10 years ago, we have jag'd so much kak aan, i dread to think of the long-term ailments i have caused you, Mom, eish!. We now work together here in Accra.

Anyways, 5 uncountable brandy-and-cokes and nailbiting-non-smoking hours with 4 other Ex-pats from Durban (they started the heavy drinking! Manie said so!), landed us in Abidjan, i swear i've never felt so uncomfortable in my life, i did not care to look out the window as my ears were blocked, my babbelas had kicked-in prematurely, i wasn't even lus for a cigarette anymore! 30 minutes later we were an hour's flight from Accra, i felt better when the cabin pressure equalised, by then i was agonising to get on mother earth again...

So that was the flight, i'm sleeping when i go back home for 3 weeks in 6 months time, that's for sure!!!

The waft of hot air hit me as i left the plane, along with 2 hours behind SA time mini-jetlag and a lot of vertigo, i was the last to board the bus which travelled about 50 meters to the reception area, aaaah yes.. the reception area, even the trolleys are wierd, normally the front wheels turn and the back remain straight, but not here chaaina, nooo, the whole trolley crabs along as you counter-steer with 6 month's worth of belongings, trying to avoid bouncing off the walls and heels of others.

I was yet to find out recently that the Supermarket has the same trolley invention...

After a short interrogation from the passport officer scrutinising my visa, and with Manie ranting and raving about his luggage barely making it in time before he blew up, we were off to meet the 3rd leg of the airport schlepp!

Manie had a 1.5 by 0.5metre box with his model aircraft inside, in this an officer found interest, i was behind Manie in the queue, to my amazement, Manie had relaxed and explained to the officer about his amazing flying machine, something which you do not find in Ghana, the officer was enthralled by Manie's story and allowed us to move on, thank goodness; i was still suffering....

Once in the parking area, i finally got to see a bit of Ghana, albeit at 11 o'clock at night, about 28Celcius; there were people everywhere... around us... and around the other passengers, we were prodded for dollars and pounds or any note, some were kind enough to accept foreign coins, luckily Manie knew the deal and kept me close while pressing on towards my goal, getting to the awaiting vehicles with my new boss beside then calling us.

The vehicles in Ghana consist mainly of Opels, lots of them, battered yet running quite well in this climate, i believe 90% of all the vehicles are from around the world, 2nd-hand, ex-crashes and fix-ups, lights aren't necessary, indicate by hand; ok, maybe that's a bit harsh, some cars are in good nick, but they all drive on the wrong side of the road, dammit!!! Manie is good at defensive driving, the other drivers are kind and will let you in front of them, so i'll leave to them to get me around the suburbs of TEMA and....umm.... dammit... USO.... and some others i can't remember...

I've been told the local food is great, but in the same breath have been warned; firstly by the diseases and so-on, and that i should get accustomed to the way they cook the foods i know like bolognaise and kebabs, pizza, guinea-fowl and chicken; secondly, to be weary of the local foods on the menu, i'd like to tell you that horse is a definite no-no, i presume it's because they don't have any here, not that i've seen; but rather that cats and dogs are quite popular, yip, it's the truth, so chicken it is!

I'll update you all as my tummy galvanises itself to the spices. I must say though that the known foods i have eaten has really been very tasty and that i do enjoy it!

Ofcourse the beer is good, too, I'm just hoping i won't be drinking too much of it.

When going to the supermarket you'll find lots of things, there's Mrs Balls chutney, Marmite, Swiss Cheese, and kinds of international imports, a bit pricey, but worth it, i just wish i could find the CrossAndBlackwell Mayonnaise!!!

rm_icybutts2 32F
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2/1/2007 10:53 am

hmmmmmm sounds to me like you are enjoying your stay here. but tell me,,,, have u gotten you gotten any hot pussies yet lol

rm_icybutts2 32F
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2/1/2007 10:55 am

hmmmmmmmm........... sounds to me that you are really enjoying your stay here...... but tell me..... have you gotten any hot pussies to warm up ur sheets yet aside ur work..... lol

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