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3/14/2006 6:16 am

Man to Man: Shy Joe

Shy Joe nervously stood by the bathroom sink, looking into
the mirror and probing at his cock beneath his 501s as he
anticipated his first response to a Personal ad just moments
ago. He waw in the mirror a 36 year old goodlooking figure
of himself with hand at crotch containing a heavy and needy
basket of male virility. At 6' and 185#, Joe had always
stongly desired but consistently denied himself the pleasures
of sex with another person. Unsure of why but knowing he
had sabbotaged hundreds of opportunities to seriously
date women, Joe had secretly and at first subconsciously
fostered fantasies of himself with married couples and
later with just the male counterparts. Wet dreams contained
the beginnings of male intreague before his fantasies
slipped into his waking hours. Buddies at school and work
described their own encounters with girlfriends and he
found those excited him but on two occasions when he could
have played out scenarios with women, he opted out and ended
those experiences without screwing his date. Thinking
of himself as "straight, " as were all of his
friends, he had never considered alternative possibilities.
But tonight, upon reading an ad he'd seen many times,
he decided that he'd never know until he gave it a shot.
SHY--GIVE ME A TRY!" So there it was...Joe had called,
been invited and set a meeting time for tonight.
Joe spritzed on some cologne, checked himself out in the
mirror, put on his Stetson, got into his F150 and headed
out for Lesson #1. The address was a secluded ranchette
a couple of miles into the surrounding countryside and
he felt sure nobody he knew would see his truck when he parked
deep into the curved drive. Senior Gent welcomed his knock
at the door and heartily shook Joe's hand as he invited
him inside where Joe was impressed by a very clean and well
appointed home. Senior Gent was in fresh and casual attire.
He was friendly and relatively buff for a man of 70. Joe accepted
a beer and settled into a leather chair as they ingaged in
small talk. "I want you to feel at ease and when you
are ready I'll escort you to the classroom."
"I'm fine and good to go!" Joe said as they
both rose and proceeded down a long hall which led to a large
mirrored wall room containing wall to wall blue wrestling
mats on the floor. A small room beside it contained a massage
table and an assortment of fragrant oils. Beyond that was
an immaculate tiled facility with multiple showerheads,
toilets, urinals and sinks. And next to that room was one
holding a cot stacked with pillows at one end; at the other
end was a television set suspended from the ceiling. At
a far end against the wall were a tredmill, bench and weights,
and work-out equipment. "My gym; my classroom."
"These keep me and others healthy and busy and in decent
"Besides, I'm a therapist. My clientel includes
individuals of both genders who come to me for physical
therapy and mental therapy and sex therapy, usually only
one kind of therapy though. I see clients by appointment
only and on a strictly 1:1 basis. I'm bisexual and enjoy
my work. Men who respond to my Personal Ads are a bonus for
me and I don't charge them. They are not clients but
friends and future friends. So, Friend, Lesson #1 will
begin with you getting those clothes off and lying on the
cot. I have videos if that pleases you or we can proceed without
them; let me know your choice." Shown a closet in which
to hang his clothes, Joe put down his beer, removed his clothing
and declined videos as he sank naked onto the cot. "Am
I the only one to be naked?" Joe asked as Senior Gent
quipped back, "You mean today? Or are you inviting
me to join you in the state of naturalness?" Joe smiled
and easily retorted, "Guess it feels kinda clinical
to be the only one undressed." Senior Gent's
broad smile quickened as he shed his garments and said,
"My friends are here for their pleasure and I'm
not a shy guy!" as he presented naked as a jay bird and
walked to the cot while Joe eyeballed his tumescent tool
of plenty beneath which a heavy bull sack was grandeuriously
suspended. "I'm shy, " Joe softly pronounced,
"but I'm highly motivated to cop a feel of your
very nice sausage and nuts." Laughingly, Senior
Gent restated, "I'm here for my Friend's
pleasure so 'feel' free or freely." Each
touched the other's ball sacks and gently kneaded
the surface and inner contents. They admired the beginnings
of hard-ons and fintered the man meat they encountered
as each quivered in response to the warm touches of the other's
hand and finger pressures. Joe's unshaven scrotum
became hard as his dick when his balls were pulled tightly
by the muscles inside and Senior Gent's shaven scrotum
behaved similarly as his hands stroked Joe's abs,
inner thighs, pubic hairs and chest surfaces. Joe's
6 inch slender boner swelled larger with continuing stimulation
and small spasms of excitement brought a single, clear
droplet of juice to his pisshole. Joe's unabated attention
to Senior Gent's heavier 7 inch thick dick grought
additional pleaure and interst to him as he felt for the
first time another man's erection develop at his touch.
Senior Gent approached the cot more closely as he knelt
on his knees beside Joe who dropped his arm and hand so as
not to lose a treasure over which he was finding himself
infatuated. Senior Gent's smile continued as he tightened
his thigh and ass muscles in a rhythmic cycle prompting
Joe to grasp the large cock into the palm of his hand and surround
it with his curved fingers, meeting the treasure's
piston motions with an opposing force. Senior Gent leaned
farther forward, bringing his lips to Joe's dribbling
cockhead as he proceeded to kiss the shaft, the balls, and
the thighs. As warm and moist lips slid over the cock's
head, Joe's eyes closed and he audibly pronounced
sights of pleasure, increasing in volume and resolve as
all sex inches were consumed ove and over within the warm
and moist cavern. Louder and more intense pleasure was
registered as light tongue pressure increased to firm
tongue pressure. Senior Gent's hand played freely
with fine and firm balls, moving slowly, randomly and carelessly
touching lightly the perineum and puckered butt hole.
All these new and first time sensations generated at another
man's touch inflammed Joe's passions while his
own hand flagellated his teacher's very stiff cock
and as Senior Gent's vocalizations of sexual ectasy
began to register in Joe's ear, he suddenly felt in
his own hand the pulsations of climax being answered by
a surge of warm spurting cum upon his wrist, forearm and
ribcage In answer to this sexual and emotional apex, Joe's
abs seized, his asshole pulsed, his testicles hardened,
his sextool expanded and nearly painful spasms of sex muscles
deep in his maleness squeezed tightly, again and again,
forcing immensely voluminous waves of gism onto the cheek,
forehead, chin and lips of the teacher. Breathing deeply,
breaking out in a sweat, dripping with the outflow of the
other's sex fluid, they each assessed their condition
and simultaneously remarked, "Shower time."
Joe said, "Thanks! that was great!" Senior
Gent answered, "My pleasure, indeed, Friend. If
you liked Lesson #1 we can follow up with countless
call me for an appointment." "I'll be calling, "
said Joe as they hit the shower. dicktalk2

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