Male Tale.1 Fred,Jim,Dick  

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Male Tale.1 Fred,Jim,Dick

Male Tales: Jim, Fred, Dick

I told you about my young uncle and I who shared 4-41/2 years of bed space and cock and cum sharing when I was 12-161/2 years old. He was fantastic in bed, always ready at least once at bedtime and early morning if I woke him up. His cock stayed hard forever and he frequently came 3 or 4 times in 15 minutes if I stayed with it, sucking and jacking, and his dick was on the large size for length but not extra thick. It was dark in color like so many beautiful ones are, rather than the same color as the rest of a guy's skin, with his balls being dark and moderately large, too. Neither of us ever shaved pubic hairs but we both shaved under our arms???? For our ages, he was a little kinky but never overly agressive nor did he ever behave toward me in a denegrating manner. Gentle, kind, caring. He was those things. By kinky, I recall times when he'd get up tight to the head of the bed on his knees, masturbate his big dick in front of my face and rub his precum (he flowed like a leaky faucet) on my nose, lips, in my ears and under my chin, sometimes gently slapping the big guy against my cheeks. He also liked to have me sit against the head of the bed as he placed his erection between my neck and chin so that he could do some thrusting and coming that way, but it always made too much squeeky bed noises so couldn't be overdone as our activities in bed were our own secret...or were they??? I always though they were. He also liked to get my tighty whities off my little ass and just rub his slick dick along my ass crack or even up under me and along my hard little dick as he liked to be on my back with lots of skin contact, breathing hard and using his hands to position himself but never kissing me or rubbing me in a tender or caring way as in making love. No foreplay. Always right to the cock and balls. Never any tit play, unless it was slapping them with his salivat- ing dick head. Memories of these occurrences have nourished and replentished my sexual spirit for 60 years almost. We were very, very comfortable together and never discussed much of what we were doing with each other or certainly not with anybody else but one guy who we trusted, worked with, went to school with, and would like to have had join us to answer his question (he knew we shared a bed) about how two guys can ever get off when two are always in bed together and nobody ever has the privacy needed to jack off. So, we told him that we helped each other out, that was our simple solution. He couldn't imagine
how that would work. We were all at his house where nobody else was home. So I said we could show him if he was curious. My uncle stood up and walked into our friends bedroom. We followed. Jim (uncle) stripped off his clothes, loosened all the wrinkled equipment, and popped onto the edge of the bed. I followed suit, slid next to him and left room for Fred to do the same. He was a little slow in following, deciding to just watch us. Jim had me hard in no time, just with his hand on my thigh, tummy, balls and dick. Jim's big one grew more slowly but ended up 3 times the size of mine when it finally quit stretching and jerking and doing its own series of spasms and drips. We were just using hands, no mouths. Fred's bulge was eminating noticeably from his levis and he finally seemed to like what he was watching well enough to start pulling off his clothes and more closely approaching the bed.
I moved to the other edge to take a fast bathroom trip and when I got back Fred was on the bed. He scooted over toward Jim to make room for me. My joining the other two had us all like sardines and Fred was packed in the middle, Jim's skin contacting his on one side and mine on the other. I reached over Fred to touch Jim. Fred didn't get by without some touching motions to his dick, balls, chest, tummy and thighs. He laid there with a big smile, his own mid size dick showing signs of greater excitement than were visible before. I slid my hand over Fred's and he let go of his dick and laid his hand over my thigh. Jim touched his balls and thigh as he let go of his own big cock and Fred's other hand travelled directly to Jim's tall cock.
Hands alone were shared by 3 boys lying on their backs, naked, as each worked alternate- ly on his own and one of the other boys' hard cocks. Minutes swished by and one by one there were three white cum fountains visible on the for each lad, Jim's puddle the largest, Fred's next, and little Dickie's the smallest. No mouths were involved in this exchange or experiment, no kisses delivered, no questions asked, no permission granted...just boys being bois and learning and teaching important life lessons to each other without feeling anything wrong or even unusual about a normal and electrifying male experience.

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