Are there any black women on this service who still like dick?!!!  

rm_dickdicem 43M
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1/4/2006 8:08 am

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3/10/2006 9:00 am

Are there any black women on this service who still like dick?!!!

I have been on this system for a while and what ,I am finding is pretty alarming .Is it me or ,are the black women on this system are looking for sex with each other and the white women and others are looking for dick in some cases and in others dick and pussy,but not our black sisters all they want is pussy ,read the profiles .The majority of them are black women looking for girls ,but there are a few looking for men and to them I say thanks.Now dont get me wrong I like open minded women how like to try things but a man cant compete with another woman no matter how god you look or big your dick is .Now I have one other thing if you like dick why do you use another woman with a strap on.That tells me no matter what sex you preffer you still like a good stiff one,some like a real one other like the fake ones ,I guess each there on. Check out the profiles and hit me back ,tell me if its true or not about our black women on this site.

biblackbigtits 48F
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2/1/2006 11:18 pm

Some of us Black Women are tired of all the drama that it takes to be in a real committed relationship with a real black man that is open to our sexuality. Rather than have to explain that I want a committed relationship AND that from time to time we can have another lady involved I just get some gratification from being with a woman until I can find a BLACK MAN that is okay with being with me and can handle MY sexuality without it being a threat to his ego. I do it because I need sexual gratification, we all do but I don't want to have sex with a bunch of different men or women.

I don't HAVE to have sex with a woman it is nice but it is something I can live without. I can just as easily get that from a man who can please me with oral and penetration but how many black men on here are looking for a committed relationship? Look at the ads you all place, don't get me wrong we are on an adult site but MANY of you are in relationships and are on here looking for something extra because you all are not being honest with YOUR significant others or you are trying to have sex with as many women as you possibly can because you don't want a commitment? Also look at the number of you who can't read or don't respect a person's wishes and respond when they have clearly stated "Ladies or Couples ONLY, NO SINGLE MEN! Do you really think you trying to convince us to contact you is going to make it happen? The fact that you did anyway is a turn off! I keep getting men who want friends with benefits, who are married, who want to have sex with as many women as possible, etc. I don't want another woman's husband nor a man to have sex with only. Getting a man to have sex with is easy for ANY woman, trust me it is apparent from the responses to the ad but that is not what I want and for a lot of us black women we want a solid committed relationship. Just like many of you men who want your sexual needs met, we do want that too and we just so happen to do that with someone of the same sex because we do not want to have sex with every penis that approaches us.

How many times have you men said I want a lady in public but a freak in the bedroom (Here We Are!) BUT when we do that you high tail it and run rather than stay for the fun and can say YES I DO HAVE IT ALL, I KNOW OTHER MEN ENVY WHAT I HAVE?

If I were to start a relationship with a man and he saw the full extent of my sexuality, he has too many questions and thinks I am fast and loose, some of us are not fast and loose just are open to enjoying our sexuality. Nothing wrong with being fast and loose if that is how you choose to live your life but not every sexually open and confident woman is promiscuous or has slept with every person that has approaced us. A lot of us Black women are educated, can read and know that when we read something of a sexual nature that we would be interested in trying or doing with someone we are committed to. So for me, until I can get into a committed relationship with a confident black man that I can do all those things SAFELY, I just get my pleasure from a woman. I can get it without question, I have never had a woman ask me where did you learn that and then have it affect her performance. Incidentally, I don't sleep with every woman that approaches me either,I have standards and don't want diseases from anyone!

I think the better question is why do so many black men do NOT want a commited relationship with Black Women?

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