Back on the wagon  

rm_dex2win 44M
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4/3/2006 9:51 pm
Back on the wagon

Lately been told that I have boundless skill and drive just no direction. I'm really not sure how to take that.
I'll admit that I've had a serious setback on the relationship side but I've spent my time thinking things through and oddly enough I'm okay. To be fair things had been decided long ago. It just took awhile for the memo to reach me. Everything is fine, just people realizing that it's better to be friends than hate each other. Hell most would prefer to end that smoothly. At least I would hope so.
So my question, is it to much to ask for someone that completely understands you? Well understands and is willing to co-pilot? I've seen the infomercial about lovers and best friends, soul mates and all that but is it really true? What are the odds? Wait, after all I don't want to know. I understand that people can find someone to spend their life with and I'm cool with that. I congratulate those that have. Eventually I'll look that deep again. For now I'll settle for someone to understand my special brand of insanity and say "That's cool, I'll play".

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