The Wake-Up Call  

rm_dewy24 35M
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4/18/2006 1:14 pm
The Wake-Up Call

After a long hard night at work, he walks in to his dark house. Heads right for the shower and strips down. After his long hot shower, he makes his way to their bedroom where his wife sleeps covered with only a sheet, and wearing only a long shirt and her panties. Fully dryed and still nakked he crawls into bed next to her.
Gently kissing her on the cheek, allowing his eyes to adjust to the darkness he slowly runs the back of his fingers down the side of her face.
Running his hand down her arm then wraping his arm around her waist. She rolls over on her side putting her back to him.
He snuggles up close to her nusteling his nose in her long hair.
Noticing her shirt has slide up he slowly rubs her stomach, moving his hand under the shirt massaging her breats while softly kissing the back of her neck. Feeling his cock getting hard pressing firmly into her. He runs his hand slowly down her stomach taking in the silkyness of her skin.
Slipping only his fingertips into her panties, she rolls over yet again onto her back in a deep sound sleep. He pulls his fingertips from her panties and runs his hand over top of them ever so gently massaging her pussy.
Her legs part ever so slighty, he brings his hand back up to her breats. Kissing her still on the neck.
As she starts to squirm about he runs his hand back down to her panties this time going into her panties and massaging her pussy, gently rubbing her clit.
Waking her up she just lays there pretending to still be asleep, parting her legs more giveing him more and easier access.
He gently inserts one finger into her pussy, while using his thumb to massage her clit.
Sliding down her body now with her legs spred far enough apart, he places himself between her legs, and slowly slides off her panties.. now knowing shes is awake as she arches her body to ease the removal of them. He slides up her body over top over her kissing and licking every inch from her stomach to her breats. Moving farther up her body kissing her now on the lips. As he runs his hand through her hair.
Sliding down her body kissing her neck to her breats, sucking on her nipples where he also gently nibbles on them.
Sliding yet further down her body kissing overtop her stomach, she squirms more. Reaching her pussy yet again he draws her knees up and kisses her inner thighs one at a time up to her pussy but doesnt touch it.
Finally he takes one hand opens her pussy lips and begins licking her now hard clit. Taking his other hand reaching up and massaging her breasts at the same time.
Taking his time he brings his arm back down from her breasts and slowly inserts one finger again where he begins to finger her while still sucking and gently nibbeling on her clit.
As she starts to arch her back and close her legs on his head.. he looks up into her eyes, smiles and tells her he loves her. Smileing back at him is all she can do.
Inserting yet anouther finger into her now very wet pussy, she moans. He then pulls both fingers out, making his way back up her body kissing every inch. His body barly hovering overtop of hers, he kisses her and moves up just enough to brush the head of his cock over her pussy.
Being he is one to tease, he inserts only head making ever so small movments then backing out only to yet again slid down her body and continue with his oral fetush.
Making her crawl up the bed, legs now tightly clenched on his head he smirks and moves up her body once more.
While kissing her he slowly penatrates her with only half of his fully hard cock. Making slow thrusts, he then thrusts deeply , and hard into her.
Slowing his pace still thrusting deep into her, they both climax at the same time, falling asleep in eachothers arms.

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