A bit of good luck  

rm_dewy24 35M
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5/8/2006 6:01 am
A bit of good luck

well.. it does seem i have come across a bit of good luck here this past weekend. Got the tranny replaced in my car. Also working on trading the car in for a Dodge Ram 1500 extend cab with the sport pkg.and a 4 in. lift kit. Inferno red as they called it. Sweeeet truck. Not the one in the picture but you get the basic idea of what it'll look like.
As far as this site goes.. yea i given up on it, not going to deleate my account untill the time iv got it paid up on is up. Lets face it, i dont have what it takes for any type of relationship. So untill then, I'll prolly post a few more blogs or what ever for anyone that acutally reads these damn things. I hope this site has proven better for ya'lls though.. as for me it was just a waste of 100 bucks. An prolly more of an imbarresment tomyself .. as ppl that live here in bryan that have more than likly seen me out an about has now seen more of me than they wanted lol. Anywho im off here for now. peace, take care and all that good stuff. Oh yea.. for all the mothers.. happy early mothersday.

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