Alone I Tremble My Poem About Unseen Romance Written in the Morning Hours in August 2005 - Saturday  

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11/24/2005 8:38 pm

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Alone I Tremble My Poem About Unseen Romance Written in the Morning Hours in August 2005 - Saturday

It Is For Her & Her Alone That This Has Been Written.
Without her This Would Not Be,
For it Is Created Through Her Very Own Inspiration.
If never Another Eye Will Ever See,
It Does Not Matter For this is her very own poetry.
I write it for her heart and nothing more,
Now I Show Her In Poetry That It Is She Whom I Adore,
She is the only person, that this poem was written For.

my gift to you I give tonight
I give you praise with every word I write.

My Poem For the Female Sex My Gift To Her From My Bleeding Heart...

With Much To Say I Come to You Now,
My dearest lover,
Whom I Delicately Kneel Before,
I reach my hand to you,
I can promise nothing more,
Than a heart and a key,
For you to use,
When You Wish to Explore Me.

I Washed my hands of self-loathing,
Bitterness and unhappy shame,
Now things of the past,
So only adoration can remain,
I Abandon My throne,
And swallow my fears,
I reach for you,
Through a sea of tears.

I tossed my self into a cell,
To deprive myself of hope,
I entered my worst depiction of hell,
And for you I grasp my throat,
The very air that fills my lungs,
Must be stolen and taken away,
To Understand the promise,
That to You I have Made.

Sleep deprivation can never hurt,
When my every waking moment,
Is spent with you on earth,
In heart and mind I hold you close,
And never intend to back away,
To stake my claim,
And dedicate every single day,
To A Love That Forever Shall Remain.

I fear my best just may not do,
For the treasure I seek,
Is Kept In You,
I feel so weak,
And tremble alone in fear,
I Write These Words With Love,
So I May Shed No Tear,
When You Descend From Above.

In quiet thoughts,
I ponder silently,
This War I've fought,
Has Bred Resilience in Me,
I Know It May Never Be Realized,
Even as I wish for it so,
We may never ever Be,
And Our Love May Never Grow.

It is this chance,
I stand to take,
With not even one glance,
At the burning Stake,
My Love Resides,
With the One Who Keeps My Heart,
If She Never Becomes My Bride,
My World Won't Fall Apart,
For In Her I Am Complete,
And for Her I Would Burn,
For even if I grow Too Weak,
I Shall Never Attempt to Return.

This frame of mind,
That I have found,
Will Always Be Mine,
Because You Have Allowed,
For me to dream and dare to be,
Something that pure and genuinely Free,
Now It has become Very Clear for All to See,
In You I Have Discovered The Purpose in Me.

I do not speak with a tongue of lies,
In this hour I shed my shackles and restraints,
I speak With What I Can See With My Own Eyes,
That in You I have Discovered Paradise,
You are the Goddess Who Frees my Soul,
You give me hope,
You make me Whole.

In You I See a Way To Realize,
My Epic literary dreams,
You read me like an open book,
And that was all that it took,
You Released the Hopeless Romantic,
The Burning Flame in Me,
With a bit of blessed magic,
You Gave Me Wings.

I Always Wanted,
To Create A World Where I Could Stay,
The task always haunted,
The Things I Would Say,
I Never Felt I'd Realize,
The World I Fought To Raise,
But through Your Mind So Wise,
I'm both the ruler and the slave.

I bow to you,
And praise your name,
It is all I can Do,
To Shelter You from the Pain,
I took the colors you gave to Me,
And created a painting and a vision,
A World Where We Could Live Innocent and free,
My Time Machine That Could Once Again Make us Young Children.

Its This Dream That I Intend to Erect,
And lend my talent to its Preservation,
I Intend to Always Stand By And Protect,
The Kingdom I have Built for You in My Own Imagination,
Your castle of dreams,
Your river of love,
Now everything seems,
To Be Inspired By Angels and Doves.

Will This Dream Ever Shatter,
Shall My Hand Ever Falter,
I Shall Then Tirelessly Slave Away,
To Raise as Best I Can This Daughter,
We have Created Through The Sharing of Dreams,
Our Very Own Created World of Innocence and Compassion,
If It Helps You Feel Young and Always and Forever Free,
I'll Continue My Work Until It Becomes My Final Action.

The day I die your dream will live,
In memoirs and literature thats all I can give,
I promise to erect my statue of you,
In a Poetic Expression of The Live I Choose to Live,
I'll create for you a legend,
And turn you into something the people shall Adore,
If You Give Me Your Blessing,
I'll Give You So Much More.

All I ask is permission,
To Turn this dream of mine into a place,
For those with loving intentions,
Can come and Give You Praise,
I Give You Now My Power of Words,
I Will Create for You a Kingdom and a Throne,
Where People Worship The Beloved Lord,
A Title that Is To be Yours and Yours Alone.

I Offer Immortality,
With the Words That I speak,
I will create for all of humanity,
A Woman who Can Inspire the Weak,
A Goddess Who Came Into My World,
Gave Me Love and Showed Me Compassion,
To this Deity I offer My Only Pearl,
My Written Word and Poetic Passion.

I tirelessly Write,
Through Day and the Dark of Night,
About this Woman who fills my every Dream,
This Human that Cannot Possibly Be a Mortal Being,
She is the Drink That Quenches My Thirst,
And It Is Her Happiness That I Know Think of First,
No longer embracing my Own Artificial Highs,
I think of her When I look to the Skies,
She is the beginning and end of me,
She is everything I wish to be.

with much love and happiness,

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11/24/2005 10:45 pm

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11/24/2005 11:02 pm

_____ as a writer, your words floor me_________

Selfishly, quietly, I ache for my love to feel as you
I pretend I do not feel the pull
I go about my lies and I smile
tomorrow will be like today
I love you to death, but
Selfishly, quietly, I keep this all for me
I am a fool
tomorrow will be like today

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