trip for the ages  

rm_devilish444 42M
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4/8/2006 12:00 am
trip for the ages

usually when my brothers ask me to go out for cod with them, the weather is about 40-45 degrees, rain/sleet, with 10 foot seas.... this time, it was like a vacation.... except for the amount (or lack of amount) of sleep-- about 2-3 hours a day (mostly cat-naps)... it was absolutely beautiful out there... about 60-65 degrees, calm winds, sunny, and the ocean was like a lake. we pulled in about 300 lbs of cod per day, along with some ling, and some pollock. it was just unbelieveable, and just what i needed to restore my soul. the most spectacular part of the trip was that a female elephant seal, (these seals normally don't come into these waters except to migrate through), came up to our boat as if to taunt us... she had a ling in her mouth that was bigger than any we had caught that day, and was playing with it like a cat would a mouse... letting it go and then diving down to retrieve it, and then letting it go again... it was amazing to watch, and i wish i had a video camera. here we are out in the middle of nowhere, no land in sight, and a visitor comes to play... there are no words to describe the emotion that mother nature inflicts upon us at the most uncanny moments. i brought home some vaccuum-packed cod in a backpack that surprisingly didn't receive as much fuss as i thought it would through airport security (especially since my dad wrapped it like giant bags of cocaine)... the time i brought clams back to colorado received more attention i'm thankful for this trip, and it will be be remembered as the trip that strengthened my soul. thanks keith.

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