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2/7/2006 6:11 pm

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Here's a guitar song called "Chance" just written Sunday--inspired by forbidden love, butterfly glances, and a quiet powerful building lust...
here are the chords and such [[with a little commentary]], but it's tough to know how it goes since you've never heard it:

Intro/Verse: G-A7-C
Refrain: Em-C
Bridge: A7+5-C

*intro- 4 bars*
There are things people say
that shouldn't be said
I might take that chance
And I haven't said too much
since we first met
Just a passing glance
*2 bars*
There are things that I want
to say to you
And I will in awhile
But for now my words can't seem to
break this quiet smile
R: But your in my head
Your in my head (x3)
And I . . .
*Verse chords* Want you to stay...
Want you to stay...
*4 bars*
I see you looking up at me from here
And it makes me warm [[this part was actually written in my head when I was on stage playing the other night]]
Come closer and we'll be together
Holding out this storm
That's building inside my mind and yours
And it won't take too long
R: Cause your in my head
You're in my head (x3)
And I . . .
*Verse chords* Want you to stay...
Want you to stay...
*2 bars*
There are times when I just
can't seem to sleep
When I'm thinking of you
Knowing that you are just across the hall
In another room [[inspired from a skiing trip]]
*2 bars*
Bridge: So where do we go from here...
Where do we go from here
Do we simply turn our backs away...
*pause* Or pull each other near
*Verse chords* Or pull each other near
*2 bars*
There are things people say that
that shouldn't be said
So they're stuck in a dance
I know I haven't said much until now
But let me take that chance
Let me take that chance...
Just give me a chance....
... Please come my way...

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2/7/2006 8:08 pm

wish I knew chording, etc.

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