About the submissive thing  

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About the submissive thing

Ok I get alot of questions about the BDSM thing, yes I am a sub and just split with a Dom I served R/l... here is an article I wrote on ALT describing my first experience with him... maybe it will give those of you that ask a little insight to what I enjoy.

I stood before him waiting, waiting to hear his voice waiting for a command or action.
I felt my skin quivering, anticipating his touch whether it was a caress, slap, pinch
or kiss. He walked toward me and I finally felt his hands on me. Felt him looking over
me... surveying His property. I knew that I was His I felt it in every pore of my being.
He slipped the skirt off to see my body in it's entirety.His hands both foreign and familiar.
These hands while strong were smooth not rough and callused like my fiance's. I was lulled into
his caressess, eyes closing my boby swaying towards himwhen I felt a sharp pinch. I gasped and looked down to where he had my nipple in his fingers mercilessly pinching tighter
and twisting...
I felt my cunt throb and whimpered softly... he took my mouth in a kiss while twisting and pinching harder I was dripping wet, tears were welling up in my eyes and my knees felt weak. He continued on to the other nipple, the first nipple a violent purple already. I tried to supress the sounds of pain...such exquisite pain, he pulled away from me and slapped me hard across the face, shocking me out of my haze of pain and pleasure.
"You will not deny me hearing you hurt... I hurt you for MY pleasure do you understand me cunt?!"

I nodded yes unable to speak and realising
too late that nodding would not be acceptable,
another slap...... "yes ...yes I understand!"
my voice barely above a whisper. I stood legs spread staring straight ahead while he walked out of my view. He returned and I saw something small and silver in his hands,I became lost in his kisses, both sweet and demanding and
I felt his hand move slowly over my breast, it was still slightly sore and throbbing, nipple erect and hard I felt the cool metal teeth baring into my nipple the pressure increasing and then the same on the other. My nipples are extremely sensitive and this pain ripped through to the core of me. I tore my mouth away
from his in a small yelp and felt his hand slapping my cheek again.Eyes dark and foreboding he didn't have to say a word. Erotic, senseless fear crept up on me, my clit was
throbbing and I vaguely felt the last of my control diminishing.
He returned to the bed and came back with cuffs, I watched our reflection in the mirror as he moved around me and saw an expression of sheer pleasure on his face. It had been so long since I'd felt restraints on my wrists. The leather slipping over my hands, the sound of the small chain that bound the two wrist cuffs together behind my back, just the feeling of being bound rushed forward all of the feelings of submission I had kept dormant for so long.
My body trembled, heart was racing. Now I was standing in four inch strappy heels, clad in the straps of leather, breasts bruised exposed and nipples clamped tightly joined to each other by a chain, hands bound behind my back.
My eyes were clouded over, my body in heat, he pressed his body to mine, I could feel his cock hard against my thigh and moaned.
That sound seemed to have broken his restraint.
He pushed me onto the bed and had me lay with my head at the foot of the bed. He leaned over me rubbing his hard cock across my face. He was still fully clothed and I ached to feel his cock in my mouth, my weight was on my hands
bound behind my back and I was trying to arch my body to get closer to him. Finally with a groan he unzipped his pants and shoved his cock deep in my mouth, his hips pumped and he fucked my face. I greedily sucked on him while
he pinched and bit my clit. Orgasms ripped through me, his cock tasted so good and I arched my body another strong orgasm ripped through me when I felt him pump faster and his cum exploded into my mouth, I sucked harder wanting
every drop of him , another orgasm ripping through me. At that same moment he tore the nipple clamps off of my nipples, I pulled my mouth away from his cock in a scream , it was blinding pain and pleasure all at once.
He rubbed the nipples quickly forcing the blood to rush through them even faster intensifying the pain all the while whispering words of comfort and how much of a good cocksucker I was.
He stood and zipped his pants back up, watching me recover but not quite leaving that sub space.
He helped me to my feet and led me to a small upholstered bench. He had me lay face down, the upholstery was rough and rubbed
on my sore raw nipples. He unlocked the cuffs and I had an arm and leg at each leg of the bench, I heard him rifling through more of the items he had brought and he returned with cuffs for my ankles. I savored the feeling of them being
put on and then felt my clit throb at the sight of the chains. They were cool and smooth and heavy. He bound my wrists and ankles to the legs of the bench. I was spread eagle and barely
able to move either my arms or legs more than an inch or two.
"how many times did you cum little one?"
The question threw me off-- I was sure it was at least 4 or five but I wasn't sure.
My hesitation did not please him.
I felt the sting of the leather across my ass, a heavy belt.
I answered "Four or five" with a smile, I thought
he was teasing yet again. But my smile quickly disappeared when I heard his next question.
"How many times did you ask permission to cum?"
You'll learn little one"
What seemed like hours passed. Every instrument of pain he used on me he was sure to bring to my field of vision, sure to caress my body with it before I felt the sharp sting of
leather or the resounding smack of a solid wood paddle My moans and sighs escaped my body without my notice, face down I would sometimes expect a flash of pain but would instead feel the caress of his lips. The feeling of being bound was
intoxicating and his constant torture of my body was both exhausting and exhilarating me.
Finally with a grunt of impatience he flung the crop he was using and unlocked the chains, he helped me to stand kissing and caressing me... laying me down his eyes dark he began
telling me how he loved to hurt me, my cunt throbbed and without
thought i whispered....."please".
A small smile appeared......
"Please ..... what?"
THe same animalistic want and need of him took over, "please let me feel you inside of me!"
He smiled and slowly began fingering me...... "Don't
cum again little one....NOT YET"
I felt my mind go blank, the pleasure only surpassed by my need to please him......
From my haze I felt him undress, he teased me only allowing the tip of his cock in, I was dripping wet, my hips were raising
to meet him to take him completely in, he pushed my hips down
and continued.
"I use you for my pleasure."
"Beg for me you little cumslut"
I was close to the edge again only wanting to feel him ram
into me, use me and fuck me as his little toy.
Finally he shoved his cock in me, pounding, warning me not to cum, fucking me hard....
I was moaning, begging , pleading for more, pleading to let me cum....

"Cum with me slut", with that an intense orgasm
ripped through me as I felt him cumming deep in me.

Driving home, light bruises on my arms, nipples sore I realised I was driving home filled with another man's cum, I began to replay everything, every flash of pain every moment of being used and couldn't help but smile.

A few minutes later a text message on my cell phone:
"I miss my whore."

That's exactly what I was from now on... His whore.

rm_pchamp012004 55M
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9/2/2005 4:31 pm

Nice ... very, very nice

pASSionwantd2 50M
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9/2/2005 6:55 pm

'You are Badd--&--Naughty,Keep it up'.....

NovasTangsLuffs 64M

9/3/2005 9:01 am

An exhilirating, thoroughly well-written narrative and view into a totally different, and misunderstood, lifestyle. Very arousing indeed!

rm_sexysalem2 46M
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9/6/2005 11:01 am

that si not good

rm_Aslvrs 59M/54F
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4/13/2006 5:35 am

A beautiful description of the sensations & feelings a fuck toy.
It would appear that you are a "natural", with a good sense of expression.
You write well.

VenusDiaries 62M
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6/30/2006 10:39 am

Interesting writing, could be better, should be better. Your writing would be more sensual under the influence of my birch rod.

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