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5/27/2005 4:47 pm

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Steve was a no show on the 24th but I think we will meet up eventually.

Roger came over for a cock fight today...Roger's a couple of years older a little taller and 30 or so lbs heavier than I. As soon as he was through the door we had our hands in each others pants. MMM his cock got hard right away and it was average length but very fat, it felt good in my hand as I worked my thumb and forefinger around the head I felt moisture almost at once. He used his size to get me against the wall pulled down my shorts and really worked my cock over but good for about a minute. I grabbed him and led him to the bedroom. I needed a minute to recover otherwise this would be a very short contest.

We both knelt on the bed facing each other naked, our cocks almost touching. I said go, Roger took my cock in his powerful hand and started jacking it I took his and worked it in the palm of my hand like I was juicing an orange, twisting the crown back and forth. He was wet, so was I. After a couple of minutes, I knew I had to go for it, I slid down taking his cock in my mouth, bobbing and sucking, working my tongue on the slit. He moaned and moved into a 69 position on our sides. He stuck a finger in my ass and began working it, "ohhh" I groaned as he finger fucked me. He sucked and tongued my dick and had me very wet and excited but I was sucking the end of his cock like mad and jacking on the shaft. He began to moan, I rolled him on his back and lay on top, I continued to jack and suck, I felt his contraction , I stopped sucking and jacked him fast. He came, his spunk running down onto his bush. I worked his cock squeezing and pulling it trying to keep him in between pleasure and pain. he moaned, grunted and shook with each squeeze. When he was done I settled back my hips over his head, slid my throbbing cock into his mouth and victory fucked him. I came in about a minute wow I shook and convulsed as he sucked my spent member it hurt and it was sublime all at the same time.......

Ok now my record is 1 and 2 who's next?

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