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12/15/2005 1:20 pm

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It's been a while since I posted anything, so here is an update for those who are interested.

My nemesis, Bill I met him 4 times this summer, the last the first of those was mine by a whisker as I was on the verge of cumming when he let go, the oral victory f*ck after was almost non existant as I came in 10 seconds. Bill said I was lucky and it would not happen again.

We agreed to some different rules for our fouth encounter jacking only and wrestling moves allowed, and the stakes were that the loose gets ass f*cked. Bill had me early getting me in a body scissors that allowed him full access to my cock but his was beyond my reach. He was laughing at me "it's all over, I'm going to love drilling your virgin ass." He had me close to cumming before I got away. I mannaged to get him in a hammer lock, I bent his right arm up his back and had him in pain, I was hoping to slow down his tallented jacking hand and keep it off my throbbing cock. This gave me time to recover, then I took him down to the floor. I scissored his sore right arm, kept it tied up and went to work on his fat dick. He kept trying to get away but I had a solid hold of his right thigh with my right arm and worked him with my left. "your through" I said as he started to spasm. "Shit he yelled", his cum ran down my hand and onto his stomach. I let him go, went to the table and put on a rubber and a big smile and grabbed the lube. "On your knees" I ordered. He assumed the head down ass up position, I lubbed him with my finger, then sliped it in, it was sweet as I pounded his ass for quite a while before I had a huge orgasm. Bill was pissed and asked for a rematch for the next week. We met twice more each time with the same result, now Bill doesn't want any part of a cock fight with me again.

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