Why is it?  

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7/23/2005 4:03 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why is it?

Why is it that so many here want a face shot from you when they won't clearly give a face shot on their profile? Why is it?

I love smiles. People who might not be really attractive to me make me smile right back at them usually just by putting that smile out there.

Why is it that so many people would think we were all just closet sluts for wanting a decent sex life and seeking it Online? Why is it?

Why is it? After three plus years here I have met only one couple one time and never had sex with anyone? Why is it?

I read so many profiles of folks that say their down to earth and looking for the same, yet, I can't get a reply out of them, Why is it?

Years ago I had a friend, a chick I talked to on here and she had met with many couples over time and said she'd tired of it because Women would say they were Bi or Bi curious and then all they really wanted was to be orally satisfied by her and have their hubby fuck her. Why is it?

Why is it that I can go to one county nearby and have 18 y/o's that want to fuck me and I go to another county nearby and I can't even seem attract anyone my age and definitely not younger? Why is it?

What is it about Men my age or around my age that all of a sudden get "bi-curious"? Is it a repressed childhood memory that finally needs to be realized ...again? Or is it just sex of another flavor?

Finally, What do we have to be ashamed of? Sex is fun. Sex is something to laugh at. It looks funny sometimes, It certainly makes funny sounds sometimes. It is so very healthy.

All I really want to do here is to cause a bit of commentary, hopefully preceded by thought or experience. In no way do I intend to demean or belittle your veiws. These are just my thoughts, k?

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