WE'RE ALL VOYUERS BABY! or another twofer  

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9/12/2005 5:47 pm

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WE'RE ALL VOYUERS BABY! or another twofer

I changed into my shorts and got comfy.

Anyway, I've tried the online dating thing (don't worry I'll post my highs and lows of people meeting at the end of the week)and it hasn't worked out well.

We all like to look. I think that's clear, we see an ad that looks interesting, the next thing we do is look for a pic. I'm sure women bear the brunt of this because they post and mostly guys reply. They reply, and get nothing in return. I read a lot of "My inbox is crammed with emails from 100 guys, you can't expect me to reply to every one!" Ok, fair play. Guys usually post their pics and will choose anything with two tits and two holes.

Yet, in the real world, women will talk to, date, marry ugly guys on the sheer strength of the man's personality. It's strangely reversed on the internet.

We all read strangers blogs because people put them out there, yet we never reply.

I'm rambling aren't I? We're voyuers baby! I saw a girls ad where she was flashing her big tits and quite frankly, I was aroused and wanted to get to know her. We exchanged a couple of AdultFriendFinder mails and that was it. Hmm, strange. This happens all the time. I'm sure it happens to other guys, maybe even girls. The internet doesn't convey feelings like face to face does. So why do we do it? I know why I do it...I'm freekin' lazy, that's why.

I still do it because, I hope one day I can hook up with some hot female in my area who's down for whateva! It's more discouraging than anything. Hey, I know I'm not adonis or Morris Chesnutt, but I know somebody's out there for me that I'd never meet on the street because we pass each other by.

Keep trying fellas! Keep trying!

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