A twofer or "Why are we here?"  

rm_dengeist 39M
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9/11/2005 12:06 pm

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A twofer or "Why are we here?"

Ok, so I'm posting twice today.

While I've been doing the "talk to three females a day" thing I've also been doing the online thing.

I've noticed that any adult site I try, there are fewer women than men. I've also noticed that to be an adult site that is supposed to be for "hooking up" a lot of women are looking for relationships first. I find this strange, but I'm not surprised. But, is this a mixed signal or are men and women looking for two different things?

I think women are looking to hook up, although they don't always say that and men are looking to hook up, but are very open about it.

Are we looking for the same things? Yes, everybody has a basic need to be with someone, but on some strange superficial level it appears we are looking for something different.

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