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2/11/2006 4:24 pm

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something intresting

last night I got a call from my friend jenny's mom apparetly she hadnt came home and due to her suicidal tendincies she was worried jenny might have atempted suicide again, jenny was reported as runaway, the bad part was she had simply fallen asleep at a friends house and whats worse is her older brother was there with her, and yet when her parents had called they had all lied and said she wasnt there. so of course when she got home she was in a lot of trouble and I had a to deal with some police because of the whole mess.

but the thing that bugs me the most is that all of this happand so needlessl. jenny has a great life I know her family very well her parents are great her mom is loving but not overly jenny can go hang out with friends alot and go places and her family has practitcly no problems especialy if compared to mine, I just think that jenny has a very easy going childhood and shes ruining it, and I dont know why. shes become addicted to cigarets mostly because her brother supplies them too her and she smokes pot and drinks shes also suicidal and loves too simply forget to call her parents, its as if all she wants is to be misareble and she thinks its cool to hurt herself.

If she so badly wants to hurt herself should I just quit caring about her. I know I cant make myself not care but seams like thats what she wants is too make everyone give up on her. or she just loves the attention.

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