Whats a good way.  

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2/3/2006 2:08 pm

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Whats a good way.

Ive usualy found that if I tell a girl that im married no matter how much intrest they had in me it all goes away, I cant think of a way to go and meet a girl becuse I have too tell them and I prefer to as soon as possible but they usualy dont understand that just because im married doesnt meen I cant love them.

so do any of you know a good way to explain to someone I just met that im married, without making them imediatly think im unavalible. I figured just explain to someone that my wifes okay with it would be enough but usualy it doesnt seam to be.

Although my friend shawn is with more then one person and is practicly married to some of them but just because he isnt legaly married none of them seam to mind. And he evan admits to being married to one of them just not legaly.

but somehow some of those same people that are with shawn have told me they think its weird that im actualy married and trying to do the same thing.

and my wife hasnt had much luck finding another guy either. All though to be fair I am practicly with one other person. I just feal as if I dont know a good way of explaining to someone not to judge me just because im married.

And from what i've seen online there are plenty of people that think the same way I do.

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