I got a story to tell.  

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1/25/2006 10:21 pm

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2/16/2007 8:53 pm

I got a story to tell.

This was a funny situation that was kind'a funny but also kind'a fucked up in the process. It all started on AdultFriendFinder, when a young lady was interested in meeting me for a sexual encounter. We would go on for a while and chat so we got to know each other, which I agree with because it helps ease the tension or get each others nervousness out. After awhile I was given the address to meet her. I was so nervous the night before and didn't want to do nothing to embarass myself or her.
The next day I had to wake up early because she said she would like to link up early like 10 or 11 o'clock so I had to be up at 9. She lived in Harlem I live in the Northeast Bronx, so on the trip there I'm like; this girl better not be making me come all the way down here to leave me hanging out to dry. So I proceed to go to the address I was given. When I reached the destination I rang the apartment number like I was supossed to, but there was no answer. Me standing there wondering to myself what did I expect. At that time I thought all this AdultFriendFinder shit was just a bunch of dickteaser shit. So fotunately someone let me into the building and I went and knocked on the door myself. When I got off the elevator I seen A small little girl, that by the way she looked you know she was a lesbian. So you know I don,t think its her, so I knock on the door but no answer, so by now I'm like fuck it I'll wait another 1/2hr and I,m out.
It was'nt to comfortable waiting outside and I was getting impatient so I was getting ready to roll-up a blunt but while I,m standing outside the little girl I was telling you about approached me and said,You look scary. Mind you she lives in a c0omplex of buildings in Harlem,but any way I ask her was she waiting to meet someone. We finally connected. You think every things okay now do'nt you but nope. After we smoked I proceeded to try to get a little touchy feely. Funny thing was she kept moving dogdging grabbing my hand trying to stop me from touching her which was bugged to me cause she contacted me from the jump and said she wants to fuck, so I'm not expecting to go thrugh all these problems. Remember I told you earlier that she lokked like a lesbian, well I was questioning her and she told me she was still gay.
I was like fuck that I did'nt care if she is a lesbian she still has a pussy. So since she was Am lesbian how I can get some pussy. I know she did'nt hesitate to let me eat the pussy and I could tell by her facial expressions I was doing a nice job. So all the sudden she stops my dick rock hard, she had no intentions on giving me no head or pussy she was a lesbian who wanted to have a baby and wanted to see if she was ready to have a relationship with a man so I was her guinie pig.
About 1/2hr pass I just ate this girls pussy with nothing in return and I woke up early to get here too. She could see in my face I was upset but tried not really to say too much. I was like don't you think it 's fucked up to make me come all the way down here in the morning for nothing but to satisfy you. I guess I made her feel bad enough cause she finally gave me some sympathy pussy. But the funny shit is when I stuck it in she could'nt handle it and I had to stop. So I got a taste of the pussy but I was'nt sexually satisfied at all.
There's a moral to this story stick with what you know. If you're a lesbian who wants to make a change even straight and bisexual people also,you make sure you're ready before you make arrangements to do something with somebody else so as not to hurt that person feelings. She was luckyyy though cause I was going to put a hurtin' on that pussy boy. She must of known.

playswithmypuci 37F

1/25/2007 8:49 pm

Poor thing....letting that good dick go to waste

lovegivhead 55F  
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4/15/2007 2:39 pm

i know mmmmmmm one day i wil come to the city and i want it all

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