Female Orgasm  

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2/13/2006 6:16 am

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Female Orgasm

It is difficult to understand the concept of "size matters" when it comes to womens preferences! The fact is that assuming orgasm is the intended desire of most sexual encounters then the following facts seem somewhat perplexing: Orgasms both male and female have two basic prerequisites. First a basic state of arousal, which is either mentally or physically induced by ones self. And , secondly by the physical (direct) stimulation of the genitalia. In the case of females that specific genitalia is the clitoris, not any other part. The so called "G" spot stimulation simply adds to or increases the effect of clitoral stimulation. No woman ever has an orgasm simply by stimulating her "G" spot. Unless the clit is properly rubbed or touched or stimulated, no cigar, no orgasm! Women know this! They have masturbated producing orgasms since puberty. When women say "size matters" are they simply referring to the mental arousal needed or are they implying that their clitoris is unreachable by other than a member larger than their own finger, or are they referring to a penis shaped in such a fashion that it can simultaneously stimulate the clit and the "G" spot? Is their mental arousal level turned up by the image of size? Some women find they prefer the "woman on top" position in order to be in control of clitoral stimulation, but in reality they are making sure that their clit does get stimulated enough to produce the desired end effect which is orgasm. Science teaches us that both a state of sexual arousal and physical stimulation must be there to induce an orgasm. Few if any " " regardless of size or how much they stimulate the clitoris, ever produce an orgasm for their victims. Similarly, no matter how aroused a woman may find herself as a result of mental images,unless the clit gets properly stimulated the desired end result is not orgasmic.

The importance of clitoral touching or stimulation is age old knowledge. Some cultures and religious societies have for thousands of years practiced the notion of female circumcision or mutilation in order to control female promiscuity. It almost seems that women who believe that,girth, length, or overall penis size important to achieving orgasm, don't really understand their own bodies

Another possibility is that the female vaginal opening is so large and what men call loose or sloppy that in order to produce an orgasm using anything other than ones penis size could matter. I'd bet that women who claim that size matters don't realize they are giving away some information about their own "size" that they normally would like to keep as a personal secret.

The only way a guy can get off with other than a tight pussy is by hand or orally so come on gals get real and give us a break here!

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2/13/2006 7:30 am

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2/13/2006 7:32 am

Some women revel in that stuffed feeling, but it is mainly a mental thing. Possibly some women are trying to reduce the number of guys trying to have sex with them and focusing on the big ones cuts down the numbers hounding them to a manageable number. And some just have big areas to fill and want to be filled.

subrdn8 60F

2/15/2006 12:49 pm

Actually, gspot alone can produce orgasm.

Some women like the feeling of contact with the cervix.

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