[Why We Do It !  

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2/8/2006 5:43 am

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[Why We Do It !

There are some pretty fundamental reasons behind most human behavior. Lets take a look at what may be the basic motivation for anyone to join or become a member of a group or site like H.M. or AdultFriendFinder.

Fundamentally, something is missing , or we perceive something missing in our current social status. We most likely have been, or are a bit lonesome. We either lack or believe we lack the companionship we desire for ourselves. We may be basically happy people, but feel a need to satisfy an unfulfilled need which has lead us to search for ways to accomplish or satisfy that desire..

Members definitely don’t fit into the mainstream of “our normal society” Not that being somewhat abnormal characterizes a personality or character defect, nor does being a little abnormal mean much more than deviating from what society considers appropriate. Normal behavior doesn’t include the display of one’s genitalia in other than private situations. Some of us however must rationalize that such a display may attract some one who can fill in the missing parts. Socially deviant behavior may be a compromise that some of us are willing to make in order to obtain our real goal, but how many of us become really satisfied with the results we obtain from such behavior? Do we not continue in hopes of future satisfaction? How many of us become even more frustrated when we discover that this approach just isn’t working? What is really indicated by continually repeating the same behavior over and over again while at the same time expecting or hoping for “different” results?

Perhaps the “group membership” attracts us. Belonging to a large group can provide a sense of anonymity or security like the herding instincts of cattle and horses, or the schooling instincts of fish, or the flocking instincts of avian species. However, while at the same time we seek this group security we also attempt to be “noticed” individually or specifically for what we believe are our own best assets. Isn’t it true that most women use their sexual assets as a means of attraction to men and are often successful at first only to be dissatisfied later, when the real companionship, intellectual stimulation, and closeness don’t happen? Some men actually believe that women are attracted by displays of their equipment, as opposed to their desire to be less lonely.

Some of the answers to these questions may be found in the reasons why the “oldest profession” continues to thrive through out the ages. Most men feel somewhat reluctant or embarrassed to admit that they would ever stoop so low as to “pay for sex”. But we do pay in one way or another in every case or situation don’t we? Most women feel reluctant or embarrassed to admit that they would ever stoop so low as to “sell” or otherwise trade their sexual favors for what they really desire.

Why is that? Truly some things to ponder!

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