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rm_deelushess 54F
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7/30/2005 3:42 am

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3/6/2006 7:44 pm

nice lips

A couple of people have nicely said they like my lips.
Of course, I always imagine those kind of compliments are pretty much suggestive...u know, blow job type hints.
My last boyfriend (a few years ago now) said many times how nice my smile was. Well, that was during the year we were just friends. During the last days (!) of our short one month of daily sex, he said....I always knew your mouth would be useful. Right after the first and last time I gave him a bj and swallowed it, he said "I've always wondered why anyone would ever do that"...with kind of a demeaning look, as he walked away. Ironic, he's the only one I ever felt relaxed enough to do it with. Needless to say, he doesn't have to wonder if I'll ever do it for him again. lol.
You know, whatever explainations people can come up with, it's still a mystery in the great scheme of things why a man and woman can have such nice positive chemistry before that great beginning of union....and then not long into it, the unravelling begins.
I definitely think I am part of the problem, but have no idea how to resolve it.
My personal esteem is ok, mostly. And I have no problemo accepting that men and woman are so very different that we always cross wires. It's just that after all that is said and done, how the heck do men and women ever manage to stay together, especially if the woman is not subserviant. Maybe the woman has to "act" subserviant?
I'm not into women. I mean, I look at women to see what they are doing, and then see how the men react to it. Gee, most porn available is images of women so I think I can relate to the sexuality and arousal when watching, but I only get hot thinking of a man wanting me and touching me (and seeing him get hot).
So, here I am, stuck watching men annonymously because the minute it's reality, I just can't play the game. I know, just don't play the game, right. Well, the problem is that I don't play, and I haven't found someone who is into the real person, beyond the whole white picket fence or arm-candy type partner.
It's an old vent that I'm stating here...everyone says it in some similar words during times when they're relationship-less or ready to end one.
I just can't sleep right now so I'm writing it down for something to do. lol.
Well, bye 4 now.

arribaarriba69 51M

7/30/2005 2:23 pm

Mull, you do have a nice smile. Be you're self and go with the flow. Don't play be yourself and things will be fine ..... smile and the world will smile back at you

horney4957 59M

8/10/2005 1:08 pm

I said i like your smile because it looked sweet.I like your poetic words they had an efect on me for some reason. I like to be friends at least the best we can over the internet you being so far away.I do think about sex a lot but i want a closeness and freindship with women i havn't had either much.

rm_seamus679 50M

8/12/2005 4:31 pm

Who are we to judge you by your smile.... I think the idea that you take pictures of your self and enjoy doing it is really sexy.... the fact I can only see your smile.... leaves my imagination running wide with how the reat of you looks... if some one says you have a nice smile... enjoy the compliment because that is we have been able to actually see of you.... to say your have gorgeous legs.... you'd know we where lying as we have never seen them. I know I am one of those who have said to you, you have a gorgeous smile... how would you have liked me to start the conversation differently? without being

sleepless24x7 51M/49F  
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9/12/2005 8:38 pm

Hi Dee,

I'd have to agree. You do have nice lips!

It's a pity that your ex-boyfriend turned into such an unappreciative jerk. Why some men feel the need to put down someone who took the time and effort to set their own needs aside for a moment and provide a bit of pleasure is quite beyond my comprehension. I know that when I take it upon myself to pleasure my partner, I am gratified to be appreciated in the effort. I don't look upon it as "going to the trouble of", or "making an extra effort to". Pleasing one's partner is, at least for me, a source of pleasure in itself. I receive by giving. Far more often than not, once having given to my partner, she responds in kind. What kind of selfish twit would I have to be to want to give that up?

As for the "subservience" thing? Some people enjoy being subservient. (Thus the Dom/sub lifestyle.) The rest of us (male or female) should not have to put up with that expectation. If someone wants to own me, they've met the wrong man. Same goes for someone wanting to be owned, or feeling that they need to be perceived that way. Yes, men and women are (a bit) different. This does not preclude our equality. The best relationships I have had have been with women who came to me as my equal. Neither deserved more than the other, and both gave all they were able. It doesn't always work out (clearly) but I think it's the healthiest kind of partnership. Keep the faith, Dee, and I'm sure you'll find someone who will appreciate you for the person that you are, not the person you feel you need to act like.

Ok. Group hug, everyone. lol

Tickle ya later,

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