brain and penis compatibility  

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8/2/2005 3:28 pm

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brain and penis compatibility

How much do guys "give away" by their actions?

Up to the point of watching men get off on AdultFriendFinder, there had been about 15 guys erections in my viewing memory. Me and a couple of girlfriends have a running commentary on guessing a guys size by the way he acts...based on personal experience, and some on just guessing.

There are about four categories we've come up with....
1)LARGE - the decent guys...usually have a sexual confidence edge. Not afraid to talk with any woman, even if they are married or the woman's married, or if they aren't even gonna do anything. And, if they're happily taken, you don't often get passes from em, just really nice conversation.
LARGE - Goofs...same as above, but play the game well and pretty much get laid a lot. Actually, they get opportunity to get laid a lot, but get a reputation for being a prick because they move around and slut it up a lot.

2)MEDIUM or average...These are pretty much the married and not screwing around guys. Don't have the pressure of a huge tower to show off or live up to, very adequate in bed, and comfortable just working on life instead of the next screw.
Mind you, plenty of average people get screwed up by lifes stresses, so there are the usual proportion of disfunctional dudes.

3)SMALL...honestly, my couple of experiences here showed the guy to be a fast mover. One small sign of interest from a woman and he's got all the talk and trying to get in the sack with ya. When they get older, they've been rejected a couple of times and tend to be withdrawn, being really thoughtful and deep and kind of reclusive. They tend to be drawn to the less desireable girls, maybe thinking these ones don't have the right to turn them down...and if they get turned down, they get mad and vindictive.
Boy, doesn't sound like I have a positive opinion about guys with small ones. It's really just based on disappointment by the actions by my couple of experiences. More below about my personal wish for a couple of my friends who I suspected to be less endowed.

4)This is the category of the happily committed taken man, sometimes religious. Hard to guess what size he is because he never puts across any of his sexual energy. Perfect? Well, the guys I've known who are committed have worked at this area and never put out the "available or looking" vibe. It never fails. These guys may be appreciative, but don't cross the line.

Gee, such generalizations eh.

Funny, but I / we have only come to these conclusions to figure out what the signs are and how to work with them.
I have had two guys I really cared about a lot, and they showed plenty of "interested" signs, but would run at the slightest opportunity for progressing. One even told me "things" weren't working at their best because of exercising and stuff.
Obviously, respecting their stand is the only option, but I spent a lot of time wishing there was something I could have done differently, to have made them feel ok if size was the only issue. And, ya, I'm not presuming I'm absolutely right and that it was a disfuntion or size problem, but if that was really could have been worked around.

I watch men getting off in the voyeur rooms here...and it's a show. It works for them. Often times, it's the larger or confident medium sized ones there. I've seen a couple come in, nervous, didn't manage to get things going, and leave. That's no big deal...gee, who cares if you need more than a camera to get you aroused. Doesn't work for everyone.

Anyways, in person, I look at men and wonder how much their personalities really to match their size and performance.
The thing that works on me in person is a guy who listens and cares and remembers and does a small thing here and there, without putting pressure on my response or him getting back something. Then, the next thing is him responding and appreciating when I think of him or do stuff for him...without expecting he "gets something" if he gives me something.
And, in bed, well, once those other areas are warmed up, that's an another topic. Methods.
The beginning is the hugest part...

My opinions are probably different than some or lots of others...just my own ideas and angles. I am wondering what other women's experiences are...or men's opinions on it.


mygmyg 59M

8/13/2005 9:16 am

Dee, of course I want to be ease dropping on these conversations, sounds like you Ladies are enjoying your new take on "Pin the Tale on that Donkey" !

You may be TOO accurate!! for OUR comfort!!

sleepless24x7 51M/49F  
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9/19/2005 6:36 pm

Hi Dee,

Interesting observations! I'd like to think that you girls consider them generalizations and not hard-and-fast rules, though.

A couple of my female friends have had some interesting insights. They have observed that the guys with the large ones tend to be lousy lovers - they think that showing up is enough. The guys with small ones have, on occasion, been the best lovers because they work very hard at making up for it in other ways. "Nice guy" tends to be an independent variable, although see above regarding showing up - not exactly a nice way to treat a partner, now is it? Personally, I go with the saying: "It's not the size of the wand, but the magic you do with it that counts."

I think much the same can be said for women, in the sense of a spectrum of how much they look like a supermodel. The "eye candy" tends to think that looking good should be enough of a turn-on to make for good sex. Oh, how sadly mistaken they are! Sure nice wrapping is good, but it's the present inside that counts, is it not?


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