Woo hoo! My first week off in...  

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10/14/2005 5:12 pm

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Woo hoo! My first week off in...

I've finally got around to taking a week of work. One WHOLE week. This is the first whole week off since... must be last Christmas I guess. So, what's on the cards for Deam then?


1) Got a date on Sunday evening - with an old friend (and lover), so you never know I might get lucky again >>!

2) Wander around the English countryside taking landscape photographs (the trees are just turning autumnal so there's a wealth of colour to be seen).

3) Catch up on all my paperwork (again!), it's got to be done

4) Keep updating my blog (or at least try to, assuming the posts don't get blocked - that's really choked me off, I got a couple removed but I'm damned if I can see why [I've resubmitted them after a couple of very minor edits, but who knows?]).

5) Catch up on some reading

6) Catch up on some housework

That's all I have planned so far. I'll report back as the week goes by.

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