Story: First Time (part 2)  

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10/2/2005 12:53 pm

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Story: First Time (part 2)

OK, I'm away down south for the week, so my updates will be slower (possibly not until next weekend ), in the meanwhile here's part 2 of "First Time" a largely (though not wholly) autobiographical of my first escort encounter...

First Time (Part 2)

I walk to the door, place my hand on the handle and open it. Slightly nervous.

Standing outside my room is the most stunning woman. Dressed in a light chiffon black dress, high heel shoes and stockings. She smiles brightly, "Hi".

"Come on in." She does, leading me into the room.

"Would you like a drink?" I ask, indicating the open wine.

"Ooh, lovely. Yes please." I pour two drinks, offering her one.

"Er, I believe this takes care of things", I offer her the envelope with the money in it.

"Mmm", she swallows the sip of wine she has just taken, "thank you." She places the envelope in her bag without counting the money.

I sit down beside her on the bed. She smiles at me and leans across, kissing me, first lightly, then more passionately. At first I was a little surprised. I didn't expect things to move quite this quickly. As soon as I relax into the kiss I tentatively place my hand on her leg. She continues the kiss. I move my hand gently down her thigh, hook the bottom of her dress and begin to slide my hand upwards.

The kiss continues. I roll my hand over her thigh and between her legs, continuing the smooth progress up until I touch her panties.

We both put down our wine without losing the contact of the kiss. My hand continues its investigation between her legs as I lower her head to the bed.

Laying on her back with me over her I stroke between her legs, then sliding my finger under the material of her panties I begin to investigate her fully. To my surprise (and delight) I find her lips pouting and moist. My finger carefully separate her labia and, dipping my fingers into her for a little lubrication, I begin rolling my index finger over her clit. She responds, moaning a little encouragement and pushing her hips forward onto my hand.

We continue like this for a few minutes, then she pulls away from the kiss and says, "God I need a fuck. I haven't even played with myself for the last four days."

With these words she stands up and quickly undresses. We talk briefly while we both strip, me naked, her leaving her hold-up stocking in place. I joke that I'll take of my socks, she says "I'll leave mine on" with a wicked twinkle in her eye.

As soon as she is undressed she bounds onto the bed, assuming the doggy position. Face down onto the bed, her glorious arse hanging just over the edge of the bed.

I admire the view for a moment, drinking in the roundness of her buttocks and the moist pink wetness between her legs. Then I assume a position behind her, placing a condom in place, I push into her.

"Oh fmmph", she cries into the bedding and I begin thrusting into her. I feel her cunt moisten further, almost dribbling down her leg now. My cock feels like its gripping in a soft but firm hand.

"God, fuck me harder!", I'm not sure how long I can hold off cuming. We've only been fucking a a couple of minutes and already the urge to cum is becoming urgent. Do I slow down? Stop? To hell with it, it's my dollar and we have all night for more fun. I pound into her and give in to the urge, I cum for the first time. I continue fucking until my cock starts to lose its vigour, then withdraw and give her a light slap on the ass, "Thanks. Damn you're good!", she smiles over her shoulder.

"Not too bad a show yourself."

I'm really not sure whether it was a genuine complement or simply professional courtesy. Looking at her raw pussy she was certainly wet enough to indicate she enjoyed it, but who can tell.

I roll her onto her back, spread her legs and start licking her clit. My fingers penetrate deep inside her and I start to feel for her G-spot.

"Mmmm! You said you wanted to find it. Try a little higher. Mmm, a little more. THERE! Ok, now press harder onto the pelvic bone, go on, you won't hurt me. Oooh yeah, that's it! Keep going. Keep going." I continue fingering her G-spot, hard and fast. Suddenly her vagina grips my fingers, all of the muscles both inside and out press down hard on my fingers almost pushing them out of her. I continue rubbing as fast and hard as I can, and she continue to arch her back. I feel a rush of warm fluid running down my finger and onto the bed. I continue my finger motion, another flood runs into the duvet. She bites her hand to muffle a cry, then grabbing my hand she pushes me out of her.

"Guess I found it", I quip.

"Oh", panting now, "you did that." She purrs like a cat and rubs her shoulders into the bedding.

"Sorry about the duvet," she apologizes.

"No problem. That's your side," I joke, smiling broadly.

(To be continued..."

rm_jayR63 59F
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10/2/2005 5:51 pm

"escort" ?
Doesn't that usually indicate you traveled somewhere?

rm_deaminveni 50M
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10/3/2005 9:47 am

Hmm! Escort is a euphamism for prostitute in the UK, and no, you don't have to go anywhere We do though, read the next installment (when I write it).

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