My first Sims experience...  

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12/28/2005 4:48 pm

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My first Sims experience...

Having my lad over (he's 12, and witness to all that follows - not sure that's a good thing, but then he has to learn this shit sometime) for Christmas has been something of an eye opener! I tried to play "Sims 2" (a video game that purports to simulate life). Well, on my first attempt I started by creating a really hot little woman (nice full figure, slim face, make-up not too slutty but definitely come-hither). What happens!? She's a lesbian!!! Yup, my first Sim gets on beter (much better) with her female housemate that her male housemate! Now, I'm not sure what this means!

Don't get me wrong I am myself a latent lesbian (I love women) Sadly I think I'm disqualified by my sex. Never-the-less, what are the chances that my first every "ideal woman" turns out to be a lesbian?

Oh, and then, her girlfriend (well, by this time "life-partner" - because they married), her name is Felicity, turns out to be bisexual and is having an affair with Oscar (their male room-mate).



This is getting too sad! OK, Sue (my character) is in love with Felicity, who is two-timing with Oscar (who doesn't get on well with Sue since she married Felicity).

(Oh, BTW, sex between Sue and Felicity is dynamite. Oscar and Felicity have yet to do the horizontal rhumba.)

What next!!!??

Fairy_Gothmother 41F

12/28/2005 8:45 pm

LOL... I'm still trying to figure out how much more memory my laptop needs to run that game.

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